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Bug "lost connection" Spamming

Discussion in 'Bugs & Feature Requests' started by JumanjiCraft, Mar 23, 2013.

  1. http://pastie.org/7089003

    I am getting a lost connection spam from random IP's constantly. I don't really have the time or patience to go through and find a pattern or anything. I was just wondering if there is some information on what could be doing this or what could stifle that message in some manner as it spams every second or so.
  2. Looks like your server or network goes in high load and that causes the clients to timeout or your clients lose network connection all at the same time (The first one will probably be the problem).

    You need to check all your plugins, software (java, OS, ...) and Hardware (Memory, HDD, RAM and most Network connection).
  3. Having the same issue, it does it on all 3 of my servers.

  4. As much of this as could be confirmed by my server host, none of this is the problem.
  5. So no straight answer for this issue

    my server is geting spammed by 4 IPs, at about 50 console messages a second
  6. Jigsaw


    Just 4 IPs? Block them with your firewall.
  7. it does nothing =L
  8. Endless1989


    Maybe its some Server Status pinging your server or something
  9. Thing is spigot has a connection throttle to prevent against this, whatever it is pinging, it is doing it 30+ times a second when my connection-throttle is set to 5000
  10. Come to the conclusion that the spigot connection-throttle does not work.
    Just swapped to CB and i am no longer getting these spams in my console.

    if someone could get MD_ to look here would be great
  11. What build of spigot are you using?

    I was getting the very same for around 3 - 4 days non stop but just updating my spigot build regularly seemed to have fixed it.

    Is your server on any server lists? I have mine on quite a few and figured that it was one of them causing this
  12. Yes my server is on quite a few server lists.
    I tried the most up to date Spigot and still no luck.

    the server lists shouldnt matter, spigot should fix this issue :S
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    Im not a lot of the same server lists you use and have zero issues. Its not a spigot issue to my knowledge.
  14. This does not apply to netty enabled servers.
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  15. I do not fully understand netty.

    Is there a way i can disable netty in that case?
    What are the impacts i shall get from disabling netty?
  16. Adding -Dorg.spigotmc.netty.disabled=true to your jvm flags should disable netty iirc, although be warned that this will probably cause a performance hit.