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  1. on one of my bungee server i has a murder server. If you shoot with a bow someone dead all players where kicked for the reason "[Proxy] Lost connection"

    PLS HELP?!?
  2. Console errors??
  3. Code (Text):

    WARN Failed to save player data for NiekGC
    There should be more, what proxy plugins do you have, etc
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  4. Here is my plugin list http://prnt.sc/f3p1uc
  5. ^^ :)
  6. Is your "Murder" plugin custom? What's throwing the error in console? Send full stacktrace please.
  7. The murder plugin isn't custom and the problem is there is no other error
  8. Not even server sided? Try without plugins, and bring them back one by one.
  9. Einfach mal alles neustarten dann müste es wieder gehen ^^
  10. i don't speak german :p
  11. xD wouter use google translate
  12. Make sure to check the version protocol.