Spigot Lottery 1.4.0

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    Lottery - Have your own Lottery on your Server. Good luck for the win :)

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  2. Hey there sir! Love the plugin thus far. I was thinking, wouldn't it be cool if there was a random bonus round of lottery that paid out a bit more every now and then. Like make the chance for a bonus 1 in every 20 lotteries. Something configurable. Also maybe make it to where it may not just be money as the prize. Items, or skulls or even commands?

    Also is there a way to make it just run a refund if no more than one person is playing?

    Just some ideas.

    Thank you for your hard work sir!!

    ~ Gypsy
  3. Hey, thanks for the ideas,
    sure some ideas are cool and I could include some of them.

    But also I also think some of the ideas are not very "suitable" to a 'Lottery'.

    But I appreciate it :)

    And would it be to much to ask you for a review :) ?

  4. lol Yeah I tend to go too big with ideas sometimes lol
    Sorry I forgot to rate. I'll fix that right now sir!
  5. Hello, you have to fix your public void invclick(InventoryClickEvent e)

    check if the clicked item is not null, if the clicked slot is not "outside", you can check if the item has itemmeta, etc (optional).
    also the config is not saved correctly.
  6. Fixed first thing, but what do you mean with "Config is not saved correctly" ?. Do you mean that the Help text is gone sometimes ?
  7. This is all the config that I have :p

    You have to save a default config.
  8. Hm.. I saved it with:

    or should I save it with:

    Because if i use saveconfig or reloadconfig the text is gone
  9. Try getConfig().options().copyDefaults(true);

    or you can create a private void like this one:
    Code (Text):
        private void loadConfig()
            FileConfiguration cfg = getConfig();
    and you call it in your onEnable() with
    Code (Text):
  10. hm, i try it
  11. hm, no does not workd :/ the help text is not there, i dont understand why it does not work for you, by me, it works very fine, did you tryed to delete the config and generate a new one ?
  12. Yeah you're right. Now I have it.
  13. Good :) but thanks for the other thing, didnt thought about it :'D
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  14. Hey there sir! I have a feature request:

    Can you make it that if only one person joins the lottery there will be no winner and they can get a refund sent to them automatically?
    This prevents the opportunistic player from pilfering small profits from the default pot. lol

    Thank you so much for your hard work!!!!

    ~ Gypsy
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    New Feature | Little Bug Fixes

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  16. Sure :), I hoppe you like it. I like to take suggestions :)
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  17. Hello nice plugin! Can u please let us translate everything? Prefix, messages etc. ?

  18. Yes is will add the feature with the Prefix, the messages, yes maybe soon.