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  1. Hey guys, we used to use a great lottery plugin called Lottery+ but it hasn't worked properly for quite a while. I'm trying to find a plugin to replace it but am having awful luck. Really hoping for something with sign interaction like Lottery+ had, but even without it I'd be alright.

    Need something that lets me add to the pot for each ticket bought, set the price, minimum number of entrants, max number of tickets per person, etc.

    Any suggestions?
  2. Oops, thanks. Someone can move this whenever.

    That particular plugin hasn't been updated in quite a while and loses purchased tickets/entries on restart. Otherwise, it's an amazing plugin.
  3. That is normal. The plugin you are using keeps the players in an ArrayList. Its like a Whitelist but its not editable from outside the server.
    When a player buys a ticket, the plugin adds the player to the arraylist. After a certain amount of time is up it will pick a random player from the arraylist. The arraylist is basically a temporary list that clears when the plugin restarts. When the server restarts it restarts the plugin so the arraylist is cleared.

    The solution would be to time your restarts so that it restarts right after the lottery draws the winner.
  4. If I can find an way of decompiling the plugin I might be able to get it so it stays on a actual list but i'll see. I'll PM you if I can successfully do this for you.
  5. According to the developer it is not supposed to reset the names. We had one lottery that drew once a week, the other once a day. Neither would be alright with a list that resets, and thankfully it didn't used to. Unfortunately now it does.

    Thanks so much for looking into it!
  6. Still unable to find a decent lottery plugin with sign and command support. Any ideas anyone?