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Bug Low and shifting TPS

Discussion in 'Bugs & Feature Requests' started by Menox, Feb 13, 2013.

  1. Since I started using Spigot and got my new server, I have never had any problem with lag or low TPS. The TPS has been steady at 20 even with 124/124 players online.

    However, after updating to your promoted build #485, the TPS is going down and up like a roller coaster.

    That itself is odd, since the TPS has been steady at 20 and now it goes down very often, sometimes as low as 10! I haven't installed any new plugin or something and that has never been a problem before.

    This is not caued by netty since netty is not added in #485 right?

    Do you know about this TPS-issues and do you plan to solve it in future builds?

    Thanks in advantage

    // An overall super-happy user of spigot
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  2. jeff142


    Same problems, TPS Is holding good at 19+ then randomly tanks down to 10 or lower, Going back to older builds fixes this.
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  3. PhanaticD


    same problem, used to be fine, now at 10 tps build 519
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  4. I'm betting it's maps in item frames.... They were changed back to send again just infrequently
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  5. I got the exact same problem with the promoted build.

    When i reaches up to 20+ online its starts to decrease my TPs randomly and about 30min later its up to 20 tps again.

    And this keeps going up and down for ever when there are 20+ online.
  6. PhanaticD


    maybe an option to disable maps would be good. because if theyre that harmful to performance forget it i will have no problem turning them off
  7. jeff142


    I do think this is the problem, Extreamly performance impacting for a almost un-needed thing.
  8. 477 was latest build before maps in item frames was put back in place.

    Please try that build and see if it helps.
  9. jeff142


    Going back fixs tps drops.
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  10. Hello. I am very happy use of the spigot but the version above # 396 causes strong server lagg. Earlier at 70 players, the CPU consumption was between 32-35% in one core, now already at 20 players is 100% and falls TPS to 2-3. Some solution for this problem? With Craftbukkit have the same problem.
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  11. Same issue...my TPS drains to +-7-10 and it used to be a stable 20TPS for even up to 3 days without a restart. Now i cant last 7+ hours with 15TPS.
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  12. And I have to chime in with the same thing, I guess its back to 477 for me.
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  13. 477 actually does fix the issues.
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  14. Not quite what I was expecting or hoping for! This means that the problem wont be solved.. I am 110% sure that the lag was caused by the newer/recommended builds. As soon as I had downgraded to 477 the TPS was steady at 20 again and has been ever since.
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  15. jeff142


    its "not a problem" .... Its just a problem every one is having...
  16. you guys are mis-reading his post...
    hes not saying something cause low TPS isnt a bug - hes saying dont post "my TPS is low"

    Post when you have data to back up WHAT is causing your TPS to drop.

    I submitted a PR to fix the map in item frame issue last night. Give him time to get to it.
  17. jeff142


    "It's the players" is what it has. I posted my plugins amont of players current and past TPS.
    All I was told "player behavior changes" and that was my tps drop.
    Funny being I have never had this problem, and switching back fixs it.
  18. Yes, we all know map in item frames has an issue. Its pending fix.

    The point of that post was that a drop in TPS does not always mean there is a bug, that many times its due to player behavior.

    The post is meant to try to reduce useless threads.

    Should everyone who has 300 players on their server that only can support 100 post about Low TPS as a bug? no... It's not a bug, its just current behavior thats causing the low TPS.

    Bugs are meant to report actual bugs. If you have a low TPS issue and you do not believe you SHOULD be having it, then post in the other forums asking for help diagnosing it.

    If you then find there is a bug, THEN post it in this forum with data to back it.
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  19. Bump.

    Anyone from this thread who had been on 477 with issues on 485, you should try the new releases after 570 now. They put in the fix Aikar mentions above and it has been working wonderfully.