Low FPS Minecraft (With new GPU)

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  1. Hello, I recently got a new Graphics Card (AMD RX 5700xt) and I am encountering horrible Minecraft performance (100fps, but A LOT of stuttering), I have noticed that when playing Minecraft the GPU stays at 92MHz, however in other games it is close to 1800MHz. I believe the issue is the Graphics Card doesn't recognize Minecraft as a game so it is running slowly, how do I make it identify Minecraft as a game?

    My previous Graphics Card (GTX 1060 3gb) could perform significantly better in Minecraft. I have a Ryzen 5 1600x as my processor (Getting a 3700x next week)
  2. Did you turn on vsync/unlimited framerate? It really oofs up your fps. Also set your ram dedicated to minecraft to 2/3 if you have 8gb or 4/8 if you have 16, it will increase your fps like crazy trust me.
  3. I have tried both Vsync and Unlimited, both performed horribly.

    I have 32GB ram, 4GB to Minecraft.

    Also, I have Optifine and have tried reinstalling Minecraft.
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  4. Solved! I changed the max FPS from Unlimited to 160 (My monitor is 165hz) and I'm now operating at 160fps with absolutely NO stuttering. (If I set the limit to 165hz then the game stutters)
  5. Turn off VSYNC if you want less display lag. Some people claim that it saves GPU power and eliminates screen tearing, but the implementation always adds display lag. When I say "display lag", I don't mean FPS, rather I mean the time it takes for the screen to respond to your actions.