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Discussion in 'Hosting Advice' started by devcexx, May 4, 2016.

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  1. Hello. I was thinking to get a dedicated server to host SG arenas with about 24 players per server, with a few lightweight plugins. Will be enough to run this servers with a processor of 2.66 GHz per core?.
  2. What is the exact CPU model?
    Judging by the core speed alone is generally a bad idea.
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  3. RSNET-Radic


    The processor frequency isn't as important as the generation of the process. I'll need to know exactly which CPU model.
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  4. to elaborate on what has been already stated is that in reality Ghz alone say just about nothing as higher instructions per clock (ipc) and a shorter pipeline make much more difference than a higher clock.
    the best video to explain this difference.

    so in reality if its a broadwell or skylake xeon your just fine. if its ivy-bridge or older id steer clear, and especially if thats amd (as of 5/4/16) stay very far away.
  5. With 24 players you're probably fine.
  6. Um, like everyone else said, buying purely on ghz is a bad idea and any host which doesn't tell you what cpu's they use is probably not so great...
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  7. uhm... I didn't think that the processor model would be so important :/

    Well the processor I was talking about is a Intel Xeon W3520
  8. That's nehalem. I would not spend money on that
  9. Eh, W3520 are no good. Go for an E3 or I7 check here, You can look at this list, higher is better. http://www.cpubenchmark.net/singleThread.html
  10. FHR


    If you can get it cheap, it should work fine.
    The important thing is, how much servers do you want to run on that hardware?
    IMHO i7 is useless in this situation - for Minigames you need more threads, not more power per thread.
  11. ive run MC servers on 2Ghz Woodcrest. just cant put to much strain on it.

    the W3520 cpu has very similar performance to a i7-920.
  12. Ok thanks for all :3
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