Low server performance due to high cpu usage

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  1. My server is lowering its performance incredibly when we reach 400-450 players. I think it's due to the CPU being around a 130 % of its capacities, as we always have some extra ram not being used. We run a bungee cord server with an intel xeon 64 gb ram , linux as our administrative system in java 8. Can anybody give us a hand?
  2. Try with view-distance: 3 or 4
  3. Can you make a timing report
  4. Or show the timings
  5. OK, I'll be showing all the timings today :)
  6. I forgot to say it's the bungee server which is consuming that much CPU.
  7. what plugins are you running, startscript etc?
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  9. Spigot.yml bukkit.yml startup line timings...
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    What CPU do you have?
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