Low TPS after 5 hours of uptime

Discussion in 'Performance Tweaking' started by Lubenica, Aug 30, 2013.

  1. Hello, so after 5 hours of uptime my server starts to drop TPS to 5 :S
    Timings when the TPS is 5: http://aikar.co/timings.php?url=6045064 (all plugins seems to be fine)
    I don't know what's the problem. Server is hosted on shared hosting. They told me that only I have problems with TPS on that machine :S

    My plugins: MultiWorld, WorldBorder, GroupManager, uInv, WorldEdit, NoCheatPlus, ChatControl, Vault, JSONAPI, LWC, uSkyBlock, TreeAssist, WorldGuard, AutoMessage, CoreProtect, HungerGames, xStats, ChestShop, XRayLookup, MineloadPlugin, NametagEdit, AutoSaveWorld, Essentials, Jobs, SimpleRegionMarket, EssentialsSpawn, AuthMe, EssentialsChat, Factions, CreativeControl, CombatLog, BattleArena, ArenaSpleef

    My server has 10GB of RAM and it is running on SSD.

    World Guard report: http://pastebin.com/PVPLa2MbSpigot.yml: http://pastebin.com/GG1GQjZt
    Spigot version: #1080

    Please help me, when I start my server TPS is about 20 even with 60 players on but after 4-5 hours of uptime TPS starts to drop :( All my plugins are up to date except Factions and Essentials but they are running fine.
  2. Dmck2b

    Services Staff

    Disable zombies and the worldguard movement flag.

  3. I will try, thank you very much for your reply! It will be hard to disable zombies because they are important mobs :S Before 3 days my server was running fine without any TPS drops... Nothing was changed except Mineload plugin was added.
  4. Removed zombies, removed worldguard move event flag, and removed a lot of plugins.
    Current plugin list: http://prntscr.com/1ocva2
    Current timings: http://aikar.co/timings.php?url=6045258
    TPS is still not so good as it was. Something is killing the server and I don't know what :S I will post results after 5 hours of uptime.
  5. joehot200


    Your TPS is fine -> Average TPS: 19.23
  6. Dmck2b

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    With that many worlds on a shared server 19 tps isn't bad.
  7. Erm, TPS after 35mins droped to 5. Now I am trying CraftBukkit, just to see if anything changes.


    Dmck2b I have only these additional worlds: skyblock and HG1 (I have removed HG1 now). With CraftBukkit the TPS is just dropping to 17 at 10 mins of uptime.
  8. joehot200


    Well unless you take the timings during the lag they'll show us nothing.
  9. Dmck2b

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    You still have zombies eating your CPU away.

  10. o_O but I have disabled them. Anything else that is causing lagg? Thank you!
  11. joehot200


    there is zombies in the world. Zombies are causing the lag.
  12. You have got to listen to these people. In context you have NOT disabled zombies and they are lagging your server A LOT! If that lags your server I would consider a new machine ;)
  13. Dmck2b

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    Then new machines until we are at NASA level, zombies are killing everyones servers when they are left be.
  14. Arnt killin my creative server :p
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  15. joehot200


    Same. I have zombies without lag. :confused:
  16. Hmm, today, server was running at constant 19.5-20 TPS. Yeah, Zombies were the problem. I think that one of my players had Zombie xp farm and he was camping there 24/7 -.- I will report back with the result if they will change. Thank you very much joehot200 and Dmck2b! :)