Low TPS after creating new Survival world(?) Could be other cause

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  1. We've reopened our server this weekend and noticed that we're running at like 8-11 TPS. No idea what to do because I've got our /wb fill at like 60-something percent and there's no way that the world could be causing all that lag at this point. We've got like at least 900mb of free ram as well.Can anyone help me figure out what's causing our server lag?


    Thank you in advance.
  2. I am going to quote(edited) some stuff I've said on previous threads that I think will be useful:

    If you are still experiencing lag (which you may do so), lowering your view distance may help. In addition to that, you can check the first link in my signature to view a beautiful optimization guide. If you still need assistance, just ask. :)
  3. Some stuff to consider:
    • In both of the timings reports linked above: even without the survival world your server would be at or over 100% load. The survival world is definitely a big contributor to your problem though, and about half of the survival world's tick time is ticking entities.
    • You've got 20+ worlds loaded all of which are adding some overhead to the server's tick. You may want to consider having multiple servers linked by a BungeeCood instance instead.
    • You're getting frequent lag spikes from world saves which are taking over 10+ seconds to complete in some cases. This is 1.14 issue rather than a problem specifically with your server, but having a lot of worlds probably isn't helping.
    I'd recommend following this guide if you haven't already and definitely consider thinning out your worlds or setting up a Bungee network. Also, a note with timings v1: it's often better to take short (<10 minutes) timings reports while your server is lagging. Also also, you're not still running the WorldBorder fill task with people on, are you? This would definitely cause a lot of lag.
  4. Thank you!

    Thanks a ton for the help. Yes, I've been considering thinning out the worlds, eventually I may have to go bungeecord, because we have a lot of worlds that are very integral to the server. For the ticking entities, should I just turn view distance down? I turned it down to the recommended 4 but then people said that no fish/squids were spawning underwater. I'm not running the worldborder fill while players are on, no lol.
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  6. I'd definitely say the world count is the biggest thing: In that most recent timings report, the worlds other than Survival took up about 55% of the server's tick. Even if you could just move the Survival world to its own server, that would probably help a bunch.

    As for entities: best thing is to try to limit them or decrease the entity-activation-range settings in spigot.yml.

    Also, what hardware is your server running on?
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  7. Good plan, going to try and trim out more worlds or buy more storage space. Currently on the witch plan from MCProHosting, which is $20 for like 4gb I think. No idea beyond that tbqh, and I will fiddle with entity-activation-range. I've been hearing horror stories about how it's impossible to have a functioning 1.14.4 server but my mate's got one that's normally around 15-20 players with a perfect TPS constantly, he's only got about 40 plugins and like 5 worlds, though.
  8. 1.14 is definitely a challenge to run well, especially on shared hosts. Might be worth making the jump to a dedicated server, especially if you want to make a Bungee network as you can host multiple servers on the same machine. If you're paying $20 now, I know you can get a pretty decent dedicated server for about $30 a month with So You Start if they have a deal on. With their GAME-1 server you could probably host around 3 servers and a Bungee instance fairly comfortably. The only caveat is that you need to be willing to learn some linux
  9. Probably could pull that off. I think I'm gonna try to upgrade my plan to the $30 one first - which is 6gb and 100 player slots which sounds pretty pitch perfect for the kind of server I'm running. I'm already a dedicated server machine, I paid a little extra just for that.