Low tps and server lag

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  1. So suddenly my server froze and stopped responding everyone got kicked, now after restarting it says its using 100% of RAM throught the server panel and CPU usage is at 60%, the TPS are around 6-15...., when i type /lag ingame it says it uses only 1/3 of that RAM...and with TopLite it said 2/3 of RAM
    This is pastebin when server stopped responding;

    And here are timigs after runing

    I dont see any plugin causing it, please help

    Please note now its all working properly, and some person says he DDoSed, is that the case?
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  2. It seems like the host node was overloaded so yes maybe the server was busy with answering some connection requests.
  3. ddos isn't likely to cause high server loads. Submit a ticket to have your server move to a less 'busy' node.
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    could be a layer 7 dos like spamming server list pings
  5. Sounds about right!
  6. Thats what I thought!