Low TPS issue

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  1. I have a simple survival server and here is problem

    These days the TPS wont keep steady, its around 16-17 the most time,sometimes rose up to 18-19,and would go down to 10-12.

    I have no idea what caused this,since the players online is always 30-40.
  2. You need to give more info like what's your server ip the plugins your setup how much ram etc.
  3. its a single spigot server and there has about 2600mb ram
  4. How old is the server? Recently I had an interesting issue where my server tps started dropping similar to yours.

    Even my timings were somewhat similar to what you have pasted here. The problem for me was that my permissions plugin file was full of data of old players. The server was taking longer to look up the permissions through thousands of entries in the yml files. When more players came on, the tps would just drop drastically and the server would crash.

    It took me a few days before I figured out that the issue was with the permissions. Try purging old data from plugins on your server and see if it improves the performance. Be careful and take backups though. You don't want to lose data accidentally. Most permissions plugins have a purge command I expect.

    Hope your issue gets resolved. I know how frustrating it is to have those kind of tps drops and not know why.

  5. Thx and mine server just started 2 months ago and doesnt use Mysql

    So the authme is a little bit laggy and Coreprotect checking went slow

    On last weekend I found TreeAssist's data grow more than 1MB and would cause lag so I deleted it,it seems work

    But for today's timings , I still can't find solution ...
  6. Yeah my server didn't use mysql either. A lot of plugins accumulate player data over time. You should try removing the old data to increase performance. Here are some main plugins that you might want to check out.

    1) Authme has a purge feature. /authme purge removes old player data from your server. Try doing that. In the config it also has an auto purge feature that removes old data after a configurable time.
    2) If you have essentials - /essentials cleanup
    3) mcmmo has a purge command as well but I had problems with it. So make a backup.
    4) Which permissions plugin are you using? Permissions was the problem for me I believe. I use bpermissions in my server and it has a purge command which solved the problem for me.
    5) Also clear old data in coreprotect. My experience has been that coreprotect databases grow massively very fast even when you configure them for your requirements.
  7. 1) Get a plugin like clearlag
    2) Move to a different host
  8. Thanks for your guide!
    I will check Authme and Essentials....
    I use groupmanager and sometimes Essentials says something like " slow Permissions...blahblah....take xxx ms"
    As for database, is there any good way to trans/import data(authme/coreprotect/..etc )to Mysql?.....I think really should change to Mysql now
  9. Yeah you should definitely try purging group manager! It is telling you that permissions is slow! It will surely help with the lag. Authme and coreprotect can use mysql. You should probably check the plugin pages for detailed info on the plugins. :)

    Good luck friend. :)
  10. Might want to try to unload your chunks from time to time, I believe MC sometimes keeps chunks loaded.