Low TPS low CPU

Discussion in 'Performance Tweaking' started by TheKnight, Jun 28, 2015.

  1. My server is lagging at ~11 TPS, but my CPU is only at 30% or lower.
    How can I use more CPU to increase TPS?
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  2. You say FPS in the start, I'm hoping you mean TPS right? Post your timings here :)
  3. Seems to be your entities are you main problem.
    Other than that, LegendQuest is running some heavy schedulers, not sure if this is the cause of your low TPS.

    If you need better control over creature spawns, I'm working on a plugin to do that.
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  4. I noticed your post about PaperSpigot. I have never used PaperSpigot, should I try it?
  5. If you can't achieve a stable server despite tweaking your configs, it's worth a shot. Shouldn't change much going from regular spigot.
  6. Try a server restart that can helps or install ptweaks
  7. I have ClearLagg, how is it different from pTweaks?