Low TPS on big SkyBlock server

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  1. Pjo


    I have a little problem. My SkyBlock server got low TPS, when there is many players (250 and more). The TPS looks like:

    The specifications of my dedicated server is quite good:
    Intel Core E3-1045v2
    32 GB of memory
    2x120 GB Intel SSD disc in raid 1
    (SP 32G SSD OVH plan)

    My plugins are:

    So I don't have many plugins. ItemShopSMS, SMSRanks and NoPremiumRegisterSMS are plugins, which I made. They don't cause lag. I tested it, and run my server without them, and it didn't change result. Maps aren't big. All of them, are "sky maps". CPU is about ~20 - 30% used. My start.sh is from this forum (2 more TPS than normal):

    So now I have some questions to you:
    - How can I increse my TPS
    - Is there better startscript than this, to that kind of server?
    - Will RamDisc help here?
    - Isn't this dedicated to slow for me?
    Sorry for bad English :C
  2. Pjo


    Anyone? Please :C
  3. what spigot version? paste your bukkit.yml? .. whats your view-distance? (does view-distance affect skyblock servers that much btw? )

    the startup script shouldnt cause low TPS, depending on the defaults for java on your server, you could make sure that garbage collection is handled by more threads "-XX:parallelGCThreads=6" as an example.

    no need for ramdisk if you ask me, the ssd will do the job.

    .. and yes, with that number of players it could possibly be that you need a "faster" dedi. i think your cpu is a 1245v2 @ 3,4ghz .. look for a dedi with 1270v2 or 1290v2 perhaps

    hmm .. my 2 cents to get you going in the discussion.

    edit, open questions btw .. is 100mbps enough to handle that number of players?
  4. PhanaticD


    i am handling about 400 players at peaks teams and its around 60 mbits/s
  5. Wow, that must be much traffic per month!
  6. Tnx, good to know :D
  7. andrewkm

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    I would definitely say its time to update that CPU when your hitting those numbers in players. An E3-1290v2 will do magic for you :)
  8. Pjo



    My bukkit.yml is:

    viev-distance - 5

    I tryed this flag, and it doesn't changed anything in performance.

    andrewkm - Do you have quite cheap hosting, with this CPU? I thought earlier about hetzner's EX 10 with Intel Core i7-3930K Hexa-Core. Isn't it better?

    And open question:
    Why my CPU isn't fully loaded? Or a bit more than 20 - 30%...
  9. md_5

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    Your CPU isn't fully loaded, because Minecraft will only actively use 1 core of it, delegating the other cores to relatively small tasks.
  10. Pjo


    Hmm... So why don't use Strong Single/Double Core CPU?
  11. andrewkm

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    3.2ghz - 3.8ghz turbo
    3.7ghz - 4.1ghz turbo

    e3-1290v2 is much better in my opinion. And the hosting we pay for is quite expensive; but then we are with quite an expensive host as well. 24/7 tech phone support/etc - thats why I pay more than the usual. (Singlehop)
  12. Pjo


    @UP - But i7-3930k is hexa core...
  13. alot of cores wont win over ghz in this case. E5-1620 or E3-1290v2 based servers if you ask me :)
  14. andrewkm

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    I tested a hexa core on my server once; performance was horrid (And Im talking about a 2,000$-3,000$ CPU compared to our e3-1290v2)

    the e31290v2 imo is the best current MC cpu out of the box. (Unless you got plans to mega overclock and run something custom - thats a different story - 95% hosts dont allow that though)

    Alot of cores wont do you any good at all ;) I been there; done that...
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  15. If you can use the latest version of spigot, I've added custom timings that gives you more of an overview on your servers performance monitoring the internal CraftBukkit/Minecraft code.

    enable plugin profiling, when you see lag do /timings reset.
    Wait 30s, then do /timings merged

    then take the contents of that file it generated, paste it into http://paste.ubuntu.com (You must use this site to paste for my timings viewer to work! I can't code in support for every paste site.... And I like my ubuntu pastebinit tool :))

    Once you get the ID of your paste, put it into http://aikar.co/timings.php to see the results, and post link to it here.
  16. And now some Hosts with this CPU ;) (e31290v2)
  17. Sway

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    You could also go for an i7-3770k Turbo'd you get 3.9Ghz An i7-3930k is not as good and you get less than that. E3-1290v2 is pretty sweet too. :3
  18. I currently run an Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3770 CPU @ 3.40GHz (Hetzner Ex 4)

    But not too many Players online. ;) Works well
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  19. Pjo


    I have Intel Core i7-3770k on my second dedicated, and it doesn't work well. First I had E3-1245v2 from OVH, and performance of i7 is much way lower. But I don't have many players on second server, so I don't complain.

    andrewkm - How much players do you have on E3-1290v2, and how much TPS?
  20. md_5

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    Up to / close to 300 at 20tps.