Low TPS on our server.

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  1. Hi!

    We are haaving some trouble with low TPS on our server.
    I am pretty new to hosting, so I am learning by doing right now.
    I have used the Server Optimization guide by Celebrimbor for our Bukkit and Spigot files, but we don't have paper installed yet. Paper could be the solution to our problems, but I would just like to check here before I try.

    The two things I think may cause lags without actually knowing is the amount of hoppers (pretty farm-heavy server), and DynMap.

    The server is run by a host, and runs on an Intel Xeon E5 1650v4 and 8GB of RAM.
    Usually we have about 5-15 players online, and TPS have been as low as 6-7 in the worst cases.


    Thanks in advance,
  2. You have way to many tile entities (~100 million total, 5million per tick).
    Do you have a clear lag plugin?
  3. No clear lag plugins right now. Do you have any recommendations I could try?
  4. That is incorrect.

    His problem is 1,683 hoppers. He needs to find them and figure out what people are doing with them.

    That many hoppers shouldn't really be causing the TPS to go down to 12, so I suspect he's also using a cheap host with poor/overloaded hardware.

    Stay away from clear lag plugins. They don't help.

    I also don't see a reason to have 8 GB for a 15 player server. He'd be better off getting a 4 GB server from a host that charges twice as much per GB. The server would run much better.
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  5. I am pretty sure all the hoppers are being used for storage systems in peoples bases and farms. As I said, the server is pretty farm-heavy.
    Do you think we would benefit from getting Paper and adjusting the hopper and redstone based settings there?

    I'll be looking into the host-situation asap!
  6. I would move to a dedi as they're much more reliable.