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  1. Hi,

    I have a small problem with TPS, which are low, I have done timings whene there was 200 people online and 12TPS.


    The CPU usage is 20% and there is enought memory to keep the server up. Can you tell me how increase TPS?
  2. AdvancedBans
    3.02% 244.99% 493.778 s 122.4951 ms 4.03k 14.65% PlayerJoinEvent

    1.90% 144.84% 310.532 s 72.4189 ms 4.29k 7.61% PlayerLoginEvent

    I think this is the cause of a problem if you have many players joining/leaving server at a time.

    Also i think your cpu is at its limit(Minecraft runs main thread on 1 core).
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    What CPU have you got?
  4. Intel Xeon E3 1245v2 - Up to 3.8GHz
    32GB Ram

    I will tray tommorow to disable Advanced bans and we will see.

    P.S. I have mkae some changes in the config file and now it do not logging IPs of the players
  5. whats your servers ip?
  6. externo6


    Hmm, what OS are you using?
  7. Debian 7
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    Have you ever thought of using Bungeecord?
    You seem to have 10+ worlds from the looks of it.

    Also swapping out Island World & Advanced Bans will help a ton.
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  9. I haven't hear about it, I will check it out
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