Low TPS problem

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  1. Hey.
    Since 2 days I have a big problem with my TPS.
    With 230 players online I have 11-14 tps, but with 200 or 180 players it's still same 11-14 tps :(

    Hm.. In Monday I have 14-17 tps with 230 players online, but with 215 players - 19 tps.
    What happened? I only changed the spigot to 934 version, but when I have uploaded the previous version of spigot the problem was still.

    This is a skyblock server.
    32gb ram, ssd, xeon 1245v2.

    timings: http://aikar.co/timings.php?url=5780924

    my start.sh:
    Code (Text):
            java \
            -d64 \
            -Xms20G -Xmx25G \
            -XX:PermSize=128m -XX:MaxPermSize=256m \
            -XX:+UseFastAccessorMethods -XX:+AggressiveOpts \
            -jar craftbukkit.jar \
    This is weird, but when I start server there is 19-20 tps. Every few seconds (1-5s), I check the amount of fps it's still 19-20tps, but suddenly gets boom and server has 9-10 tps and fast rises to 12-13 tps. Once there was a decrease in 2 min, but now there was after 9 min.

    Sorry for my english :(
  2. You have quite a few entities try using ClearLag or limit the amount of entites allowed on the server/chunk.
  3. I already did it, but only removed the monsters and items (no animals). This didn't help.
  4. The only problem i can see is entities try doing a remove of all entities and see what happens and report back.
  5. I think is better, but how I can delete mobs from unloaded chunks?