Low TPS Problem

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  1. Hello everyone,

    I run my OpFactions server on 30GB RAM and just did a reset yesterday (filled the world with worldborder).
    This are the timings http://timings.aikar.co/?url=11872850 . i already tried to fix it with alot of things but nothing worked... Can anyone help me to get again higher tps?

  2. Have you actually tried running the server with less ram? 30GB of ram will bring the garbage collector up causing more possible lag. How many players are you running? Why do you need to use that much ram for a server? More Ram = Less lag? Yea no.
  3. Around 150 players (Max amount)
  4. Use the chunk pre-generator tool in worldboarder. It will pre-generate the map so it wont lag with players moving all about generating chunks for the first time. While that wont stop your problem it will help a lot. Go into spigot.yml and make items merge range larger. As well as making the item despawn rate lower. Then check max view distance and lower it to 8. If none of that helps mess with the entity activation/tracking range. That will help with entities. What are you using for essentials anti build? Its using a bit of data. Also any reason your server is still 1.7.10? There was MANY gamebreaking loopholes patched since 1.7.10 that would take out any server if left unpatched. As well in a few plugins such as mcmmo dup glitches that have been patched.
  5. 150 players = 6GB RAM.
  6. Think about the plugins to.
  7. Yeah I edited it to say that but my internet dropped so it must not have gone through. But yeah that is with a small-medium amount of plugins. Maybe 6.5 if you have a large amount of plugins. Even 7 if they are quite intensive.
  8. I did that. I used /wb fill and it's still laggy... got a border of 10k.
  9. Like @Puddanator said, use 7gb of ram and see how it works out for you.

    30gb of ram will cause the garbage collector to rise and cause more possible lag causing more problems.