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  1. Hi, i rent an OVH server with Xeon E5-1650, 64G of ram and 500MB internet. On my server i got about 45 plugins and they are all important - they bring features that players want and enjoy.

    Since some time more players are coming and it causes massive TPS drops. 200pl=20tps, 300pl=15tps, 350pl =8tps.

    Can I do anything to make performance better? My timings are under id: 5980327
  2. I use the same server specs and have around 400ppl at peak times. My TPS goes down to 3. This is because my server is a survival server and each user has their own plotme land, faction land etc. After some point no hardware can handle this much data and it starts to fall apart. 2solutions: Turn your server into a Minigame server so no data is saved for each player. Or use bungecoord setup..

    If you find any other solutions please let me now also :)
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    Please post a link to your timings. Not just the id.
  4. You too lazy to type it in?
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    Im on my phone ;)
  6. Im on my phone too and thats why i couldnt post link.
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    Thats fine, on PC now, will take a look :)
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    Ok, having a glace at your timings here is what I can see,

    Player tick maybe the issue - have you tried ajusting some spigot.yml settings? If not try adjusting the view-distance and check the Spigot Wiki for more settings to change.

    MyPet v1.1.3 seems to be naughty with 6.35%

    The problem is the main minecraft thread can only run on one core, which is why bungeecord maybe a route you should look into.

  9. How Can I setup bungeecord to make 1 server work without loosing any data on like 2-3 servers? Is that even possible? I got databases too, wont that be a problem? Some in MySQL some in file. Mypet has 700pets in it and only a VIP Can get Mypet so i think You understand why i cannt disable it.View distance 4, im gonna upload my spigot and bukkit ymls soon so you could tell me if something's bad.Thanks for your response.

    Bukkit.yml : http://paste.ubuntu.com/5981984/
    Spigot.yml : http://paste.ubuntu.com/5981999/
    Plugin list : http://paste.ubuntu.com/5982029/
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    Do you run on SSD's?
  11. As i said server is on ramdisk.
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    You did? Hmm..
    Well you cant do much more. The server is just not powerful enough to hold 300 players on a single instance as the main minecraft thread only runs on one core.

    What OS do you use?
  13. Ubuntu 13.04. Can you tell me if its possible to make the server on bungeecord without loosing data?
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    I dont really know, what we do is split up our server, for example Mobarena is in its own etc..