low TPS with only around 10 people.

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  1. So i am running a survival server, with around 10 people the TPS would drop quite alot to around 10-14 but when i clear all the monsters (/killall monsters) TPS slowly goes back to 20.

    i uploaded a picture of my server stats, thats after i've cleared the monsters.

    My question here is is there a plugin or setting i can change so there are not too many monsters that causes lag. And there are also alot of passive mobs that i cant clear right now because of people's farm. (peopl can only have 35 animals) And if there is anything i can do against the amount of chunks loaded and spawners active which seem to be alot to me.

    Thanks in advanced!

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  2. Try tweaking the paper.yml file for mob spawns (if you're not using PaperSpigot, start using it).
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