Lower fan speed?

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  1. hey, so like I replaced my cpu fan with an older computers fan that worked perfectly, everything is fine now but it's really loud and gives me a headache. I'd like to lower the fan speed, it's currently at 4500-5000RPM and is insanely loud (It is pretty old but atleast it survived longer than my dumbass 2 year old current computers fan). I've tried SMART Fan in BIOS and Speedfan, but neither seem to do the trick (Maybe I'm doing it wrong?)
    The fan is a 3-pin connector and connected into what is I believe the CPU fan plug/header/whatever its called.

    Incase anyone needs my specs:
    MSI 760GM-P34 (FX) mb
    AMD FX 4300
    MSI GTX 650 1GB
    8GB DDR3 RAM

    - some random old asus fan covering the cpu, temps look normal.
  2. Shit dude I can't work with this noise, its like a loud screeching noise and my head hurts
  3. I have no clue, I fixed this on my surface pro 3 by buying a external, silent usb fan
  4. Hi! Try out the SpeedFan app!
    You can adjust the rpm to the temperature.
    It's a very userfull program!
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  5. Speedfan did not do crap, honestly.
    I've got this working, I just plugged the fan into the SYS FAN 1 slot instead of the CPU Fan on the motherboard, and it was easily controlled like that, for anyone with this same problem.
  6. Yeah, Most newer boards require the four-pin fans for the processor.
  7. MSI AfterBurner that lets your change everything (fan speed, overclocking etc)!