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  1. I cannot figure out how to disable default commands (/help, /plugins, /version) in LuckPerms.
    Full Plugin List:
    BankNote (I don't think this is interfering)
    Citizens (I don't think this is interfering)
    cmnpc-1.8.2 (^^)
    *custom crates plugin (I don't think this is interfering)
    DeluxeChat ((not interfering) yes I paid for it)
    DisplayItem (not interfering)
    Essentials2x (might be interfering because I set pl and ? to disabled commands)
    Essentials2xSpawn (not interfering)
    FAWE (not interfering)
    LiteBans (again, paid for) (definitely not interfering)
    mcMMO 1.8 (not interfering)
    LuckPerms (I don't know how to deny certain commands - -permission.node doesn't work)
    Multiverse (not interfering)
    NCP (I put it under the nopermission's list (side note: all other commands under this are blocked)
    PlayerVaults (not interfering)
    Plugman (not interfering)
    Protocol Lib (not interfering)
    RenameTag (not interfering)
    Sellwands (not interfering)
    SignShop (not interfering)
    SimpleTrading (not interfering)
    Vault (not interfering)
    ViaVersion (not interfering)
    VoxelSniper (not interfering)
    Worldedit (not interfering)
    and WorldGuard (not interfering)
    I believe LuckPerms might have a default set of permission nodes it gives to groups, I just can't figure out where or if.

    Thanks in advance
  2. You could override commands at commands.yml or install a command disabling plugin.

    Example for commands.yml:
    Code (YAML):
    command-block-overrides: []
     - version $1-
     - customtext donate $1-
     - customtext discord $1-
     - qb toggle $1-
     - guishop $1-
  3. What I ended up doing was disabling it with a few lines of code for my server's "essentials" plugin (the plugin is to cosmetically make it look nice and adds a few extra commands/features)
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  4. I am glad you were able to solve the problem so quickly.