Luck perms parent not working

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  1. When a player joins my server luck perms applies the default rank the player but all the perms i want the default player to have are stored in a different rank. I tried using /lp group default parent add but the default rank still doesn't inherit the perms from the other rank
    if anyone knows how to fix this id appreciate any help thanks
  2. The only thing every permissions plugin understands as "Member" is default. Best thing: Delete the "different rank" and put all those perms into default.
  3. Does the LuckPerms give you any output when you run command
    /lp group <groupname> parent add <parent group>

    I personally would like to see more information about your problem so it is easier to help you out on this issue.
  4. Can you create and send a LuckPerms' Web Editor link please ? /lp editor
    This way, we will be able to check if your permissions are correct or not easily
  5. yes when i type the command my chat says "default already inherits from scrapper in context global"
    (scrapper is the rank I want default to share perms with)
    what other information would you like me to share with you?
  6. what permissions did you give to your scrapper rank ? maybe they are incorrect
  7. if i give a player scrapper rank they are able to use all of the commands they are supposed to but when a player joins for their first time they are set to default rank
  8. Could you do this? So post the link that LuckPerms gives you when you run /lp editor :) This would help
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