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  1. Sooo many server transitioned over to luckyperms and I'm more of a pex guy. Our senior admins have been doing it all in-game. Is their a file/config I cab go to abd see the permissions/edit manually?

    I've looked everywhere so I have to be missing it.
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  2. electronicboy

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    Luck perms is sane and prefers using a database over yaml, you can use the web editor if you want something that's pretty and lets you edit the permission list
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    We switched from Pex to LP two years ago. I am also one of the "old Pex guys". Due to that, we are using yaml backend. This lets you edit permission like in Pex. It even autoloads changes after saving. But defintiely take a look at the above mentioned Web editor!
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  4. How would I obtain the web editor lol
  5. using the web editor is easy just by doing 1 of 3 ways
    /lp editor
    /lp user (user name) editor
    /lp group (group name) editor

    i also made a video mainly on the web editor if you care to watch
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  6. I love editing my plugins via the config. But recently I just prefer to use the web editor of luckperms. Its a lot faster, and you dont have to deal with the typical parsing errors and that stuff.
  7. Thanks this helped a lot!
  8. Hi guys, who has error like this :
    [Reporting1058] Update failed, most likely to spigot being down or the server not having internet connection!
    Help pls
  9. I can only agree with this dude! Use the Web-Editor =3