Universal LuckPerms | An advanced permissions plugin 5.0.72

An advanced permissions plugin for Bukkit/Spigot & BungeeCord.

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  2. Damn :eek:
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  3. Nice chart. Good luck.
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  4. clip


    Looks solid!
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  5. A plugin that supports MongoDB? o_O

    +1 from me just on that alone.
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  6. Please add contidions for Towny.
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  7. So are there plans to add prefix and suffix support? We currently store our custom prefixes in the permission system. Static prefixes are no problem tho. Just wondering since we would need to change our system in order to use this.
  8. The most I'd ever do is provide a way to store prefixes and other chat data in the form of permission nodes, and just serve those to Vault when requested. You'd then need to find a chat formatting plugin, for example EssentialsChat, to read that data from Vault and format the chat accordingly.

    e.g. to set a users prefix to "[Admin]" you'd just set "luckperms.prefix.[Admin]" to true. Obviously, that would support groups, inheritance, etc too.

    If that would be useful, I can quite easily add it. (I presume that's similar to what your current system does anyway, behind the scenes at least.)

    I'm working on adding ability to migrate data from other plugins. I currently have full programmatic migration for 3 of the main permissions plugins, and plan on adding a few more. That update will be out soon. Maybe hold off switching until then, it may save you some time. ;)
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  9. Hey! Quick question.
    With GM you can easily edit groups and users in files ect.
    How would you do that with this?
  10. If you choose to use the flatfile datastore, you can edit permissions from within the files. However, the plugin has a really easy to use in-game command system which I recommend you use. It features full tab-completion, and lists the command usage whenever you screw up. Just typing "/perms" will list all of the commands you can use, and each major section is also split up into it's own usage menu.

    Back in the day when I used GroupManager, I was the same, and edited permissions with a text editor, but that was only because of the lack of in-game command details.

    I'm about to release an update to allow for fully automatic migration to LuckPerms from GroupManager. Perhaps that will be of some use to you. :p
  11. For plugins that say they require a permissions system and then they suggest it to be something like PermissionsEx, would this still work?
  12. Yes.
  13. Haha cool! But how would I create Server wide permissions
    Say I have per world permissions and I want the Staff to have some permissions in all worlds ect.
    AND Is there a way to add sub groups like GM's
    Code (Text):
    And if so how o:
  14. You can find a full list of commands here: https://github.com/lucko/LuckPerms/wiki/Command-Usage

    Server wide permssions are the default type.
    "/luckperms user Luck set test.node true" would grant me "test.node" across all servers/worlds.

    Per world permissions can be defined by adding a server and world name at the end.
    "/luckperms user Luck set test.node true global world_nether" would grant me "test.node" in the world_nether world only.
    Where: "global" is the server name. If you only have one server, just leave it as global.

    Sub groups exist too.

    For example, if you wanted mods to inherit all permissions from the default group:
    /luckperms creategroup mod
    /luckperms group mod setinherit default
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  15. <3
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  16. Looks really interesting, I'm wondering how the MySQL support works for bungeecord and spigot servers. Are the users and groups configurations all in mysql, or are the groups in yaml while users are stored in sql?
  17. If you choose to use MySQL, users, groups and tracks (promote/demote ladders) are all stored in the database and sync across the network automagically.
  18. I setup some permissions for individual players and myself using H2 and then tried using flatfile and even though the players have those permissions (checked files), they can't execute the commands Config pastebin: http://pastebin.com/jWXaij7d.