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  1. I've spent the last hour trying to figure out how to give someone the ability to change there gamemode without OP, if anyone knows the command please help me
  2. I am using essentials
  3. You could give the player permissions for gamemode the default permission for that is minecraft.command.gamemode or if you're using essentials use the permission from essentials.
  4. The default one doesnt work and I dont know the essentials permission
  5. Didn't know you were using essentials. Permission nodes are here:
  6. The gamemode command for essentials isnt working
  7. These are the plugins I'm using, Cratesplus, LP, Worldedit, Greatkits, Essentials, Essentialschat, Autobroadcast, chatcontrol, staffchat, tablets, vault, essentials spawn, world guard, multiverse-core, playervaulte
  8. Essentials and the page Throns sent are outdated, if you aren't using EssentialsX, you must update to it
    There's the permission list
    and the permission you need are "essentials.gamemode" to give you access to the /gamemode command, and "essentials.gamemode.<mode>" to give you access to this specific game mode (it can be either survival, creative, spectator or adventure)
  9. Everytime I try to get EssentialsX it doesnt work
  10. what's your server version ?
  11. the command should be
    Code (Text):
    /lp user {player} permission set essentials.gamemode.all
  12. I figured it out, thank yall so much for trying to help, Chat control was blocking the use of the command.