Solved Luckperms i cant see prefix on tab

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  1. Hello today i moved to luckperms from pex
    Luckperms is better from pex!
    But i have a one probloem i cant see prefixes/suffixes in tab (players list)
    I have use animatednames plugin and animatednames is great plugin
    How can i fix the probloem?
    Thanks! :D
  2. Hello!

    First off, I don't have any experience with Luckperms or AnimatedNames but I will still try to help :p.

    Okay, here some question that can help me maybe...
    - Did AnimatedNames work with Pex?
    - Which plugin handels your Prefixes?
    - Does Luckperms and AnimatedNames support each other?

    I can also help via Skype/PM if that is easier, you can PM me then.
  3. Thanks for help!!! You give me idea i can download name tag edit and this need to fix the probloem :)
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