Solved Luckperms not syncing in Bungeecord.

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  1. I am creating a bungeecord network and using LuckPerms. I have made a bungeecord network with LP before and it worked fine. I followed all of the instructions in the GitHub for setting up with a network. I am using the same configs and jars from the previous server (besides the bungeecord proxy). I have no clue why it doesn't work.
  2. What you need to do is install LuckPerms on each server, and sync them together with a MySQL Database, this is the easiest way in my opinion.

    Let me know if you need additional help setting this up.
  3. MrIvanPlays

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    You need a database 1st. Then when you hook up the database, create the ranks and set your rank into some of the servers. Then, to everything sync you need to do /lp networksync and the database will sync up. Make sure you've also set how the plugin should communicate with the other servers.
  4. Don't use LuckPerms, use PermissionsEx
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  5. What the hell are you saying?

    LuckPerms is the way to go now...
    PermissionsEx has been identified as one of the main lag sources for servers with a large permissions file.

    This is why people use LuckPerms instead....
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  6. LuckPerms is the best plugin out there!
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  7. MrIvanPlays

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    PermissionsEx needs a mysql database, unlike LuckPerms. With LuckPerms you can set mongo which is 30000 times faster than mysql or other database. Also PermissionsEx is outdated.
  8. Yea, I was trying to do it without a database since that worked in the past, but I eventually decided to get one.

    Luckperms is and always will be 1000x better than Pex.

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