LuckPerms Not Working In Spererating Servers Permissions

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  1. Hi Everyone, I'm Using A Bungeecord Server To Run Network Servers
    In The Config.yml of Bungee I Typed Global For The Server Setting
    And For The LobbyHub Server I Typed lobbyhub
    now Every Permissions In Luckperms Editor Are With Context Of Server=lobbyhub
    So It's Suppost To Be Only On This Lobby Server
    But When I Change 'lobbyhub' To random stuff
    All The Commands Still Working
    I Tried To Restart The Two Servers And Still The Commands Allowed
    Can Someone Help Me With That?
    Thanks You Very Much :)
  2. You have to define the server names in LuckPerms config
  3. Hello, you have to follow the next steps you need to create a database
    you have to use the same database for all servers
    open the luckperms config in this section where it says global you have to put the name of each server "server: global"
    execute the command / lp editor in the server section
    you have to put the name of the server you want that permission to affect
  4. I had been set the database located on my lobbyhub server. all the servers include bungee linked to the same database
    as i said i given lobbyhub to my lobby server. and did server:lobbyhub to all command
    but the commands work also if i change in luckperms config 'lobbyhub' to something else which i don't wand to happend
  5. Hi, I recommend using luckperms on each spigot server not in bungeecord
    after this make sure you set up the groups well
    you shouldn't have problems surely there is something wrongly configured in your config or permissions
  6. i will delete luckperms from my bungee
    Could You Help Me With the wrongly configured settings or permissions?
  7. I Have Read What You Send But It's Still Not Working. Everything That Was Typed There already set up
    The SQL Database Have All What I set for With lobbyhub. When I Do To My User Don't Give fly On server:ttttt (random) It's Apply On The lobbyhub also
    so it's not taking note to the specific server i gave the permission to

  8. did you gave the permissions via the database ? if so, then it won't update. you have to give it ingame
  9. I Do Given In-game Editor But I Shot The Database To Proof The Data Is Registered On The Multiserver Dabase And Not Only One One Server DB

  10. I don't see why it does that, Join LuckPerms discord server, there are lots of people that can help you
  11. If I do this, is there a way to make the “admin” rank run across the whole bungeecord server?