LuckPerms Prefix

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by Atmazphere, Oct 18, 2020.

  1. I'm using DeluxeChat and LuckPerms. For some reason, there's always one person (out of us 3) that do not have the prefix, but have the luck perms group set.


    Whenever that person leaves the game and comes back, the prefix in the tablist, chat, and AnimatedNames reappears.

  2. Does it happen only on first join:?
  3. Are they using BLC [Badlion Client]? This is known to cause issues.
  4. Yes, mostly. But when they disconnect and reconnect, it's fixed.

    We're all using BLC. Is there a solution yet? I'm on 1.15.2.
  5. Try and use vanilla.
  6. BLC > Vanilla. Such a cleaner client.
  7. I had this problem with animated names before, it could be caused by inheritance groups, try removing any permissions to other name tags and it should fix it. (Even through inheritance, its quite temperamental).
  8. pretty sure they need to talk in chat for the tab to update
  9. We aren't saying to use Vanilla because it's better, it's because BLC is known to have issues with this.