LuckPerms Prefixes not showing

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by NukZey_, Mar 8, 2020.

  1. Hey so i'm having a trouble where luckperms doesn't show the prefixes i put on the groups and i know that u need vault and essentials chat to do that , but the thing is i have both of those plugins installed and i can't see the prefix.
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  3. enable change-displayname and add-prefix-suffix in config.yml of essentials
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  4. didnt work
  5. You must have to chat-format plugin to show prefix. I suggest This plugin. Also, you can use EssentialsChat etc.
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  6. If anyone is still having trouble with this, you do not need EssentialsChat to show the prefix any chat plugin will do fine, and it would be managed by Vault.

    1. Confirm that you are using the latest version of Vault and Luckperms
    2. Make sure the prefix is valid, eg. no invalid characters, formatted correctly
    3. Use any chat plugin, does not need to be EssentialsChat to format the chat using Vault
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  7. Firstly, make sure the prefix displays in `lp user <name> info` - If it does, it means luckperms is working fine.

    Make sure you have a chat plugin installed, and please make sure you also have Vault installed. Any chat plugin is fine.
  8. got it to work but i don't know how to fix this now <memberssalc5> in the chat now so the prefix and my nick in the same place
  9. That depends on the chat plugin you use.
  10. Doesn't the luckperms wiki mention to placeholdersapi ecloud them so other plugins can use the placeholders?