Luckperms update?

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  1. I have a 1.16.5 spigot server at the moment and I was planning on updating it to 1.17 but if I do so do I have to update plugins such as luckperms?
  2. Yes, you should check all the plugins for updates and not just when you update versions but check regularly so you have the most up to date version of the plugin which may contain bug fixes/improvements.
  3. Ok thank you
  4. Every plugin that you want to use on Spigot 1.17 has to support the 1.17 version. Due to how the plugins are made and their purpose, some will only require an update to their latest version if you're behind. Others work with what you have. And a lot will have to release an update to support all the new things and the new way of things that 1.17 and Spigot both introduced.

    - backup
    - clone your server and test it
    - buildtools.jar -> spigot 1.17.jar (dont use a prebuild)
    - review which plugins you use, and go to their respected pages on spigotmc first, see if they have a "update" with a changelog that mentions it's updated for 1.17 (this way you also know if they're a alpha, beta, dev, or test release, or a fully supported stable release)
    - If that doesn't seem to be the case, then check if their "overview" page has a github or developer/jenkins/ci link that leads to those pages.
    A lot of plugins have their latest code on github, you can clone and compile it with gradle, maven, whatever their project is. Or they at least list on their github a [build successful] button that leads to the ci/jenkins server, or have a link to developer builds.
    - Check to find the latest versions and test!
    - Keep a close eye on latest.log (or just live in the console) and make sure any errors you spot are noted and figure out why they happen.

    Only when you're comfortable that you are on the latest spigot build, the latest versions of any of the plugins you use and they support 1.17, and your own testing with your live data shows things are fine. Invite some staff members, do more testing and keep the releases current. If that is all okay, invite some players, regulars, and beta testers and see if there's anything serious that would prevent you from running live.

    If all is fine, /stop the live server, back it up again, do a final test upgrade with the latest releases again and test it, if that is fine: now you have your new 1.17 upgraded server with the latest plugins using the latest data.

    Don't forget the regular steps of converting/upgrading your worlds with --forceUpgrade so any old chunk goes through the mojang upgrade path to become a 1.17 chunk.

    Blatantly dumping jars in there, not looking at the console, and not backing up, is a recipe for "where did my server go, and why do ppl laugh at me"
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  5. Thanks for all the info but I have one more question if I want to update my plugins do I just place the new file in the plugins folder or do I first delete the old file?
  6. Delete the old file and upload the new file. Also the order you do this doesn't matter to my knowledge. But you have to delete the old file.
  7. Ok thank you!
  8. You can put the new version in plugins\update and restart the server. If there's an existing plugin with the same name in the main plugins folder, it will be updated with the version in the update folder. This is much safer than replacing .jar files while the server is running.
  9. Thank you but I just found out that my essentials doesn't work anymore