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  1. Hello,
    I'm making a permission system on my server.
    I'd like to create with luckperms on another servers another permission. But I want to set group to user on Bungee (group in bungee hasn't any permissions) and the group will set in other servers.
    For example:
    /lpb user [name] parent set [group] and the player should have on server Survival permission in LuckPerms(Survival) and on Skyblock another permission in LuckPerms.
    So with bungee set group and on servers get permission what is set in server's FTP's.

    How can I do this?

    P.S. I try set permission(Bungee) to group.[name], but on servers I have no groups.
  2. In that case, don't use LuckpermsBungee. Instead use it on every section of the server and have a different database for those you don't want to sync.
  3. Yes, but I want to set group in 1 command to all servers (for a player)

    I don't want to share any permissions but I want set on all servers in 1 command parent group pro player
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  4. You can simply connect LuckPermsBungee and LuckPermsBukkit (who must be on all your spigot servers) to the same database, and give permission per servers (don't forget to change the name of the server in every LuckPerms config !)
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