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  1. Hello, im still pretty new to using LuckPerms, and having a little problem. I have the groups setup, inheritance is good and the perms are all there. Im having problems with prefixes showing up in my chat. I have 3 types of ranks on my server. I have Donor ranks, rankup ranks and staff ranks. When i rankup, it should say "Outcast Baron <playername>" in chat. Outcast is my default rank by the way. But my chat is messed up and being goofy. Im not sure if it has to do with the way i set stuff up with LuckPerms? If anyone is a expert with this plugin, and knows how to use more then 1 prefix in chat, please let me know. I can send any information you need. I add my players to the group they buy, and not set them. I also add them to the group when they rankup. But if im a staff member, it should say something like "Admin+ King Mattllama_987". King is the highest rank. Im just not sure how to set it up fully. Ive looked over the websites and read tons and tons of information. But some of it is confusing for me.

  2. Do you have a chat plugin currently like EssentialsChat? And do you have vault installed?
  3. 1. Make sure you have a chat plugin & vault installed, like @SmileysAce_ mentioned
    2. Then you could start by organizing your groups into tracks. You could have 3 different tracks, "staff", "donor" and "ranks".
    3. Arrange your groups and sort them into their corresponding tracks
    4. In your chat plugin, I am assuming the format would be something like:
    Code (YAML):
    %vault_prefix% %player_displayname%: %message%
    Change the format to
    Code (YAML):
    %luckperms_highest_on_track_staff%%luckperms_highest_on_track_donor%%luckperms_highest_on_track_ranks% %player_displayname%: %message%
  4. Thank you guys for responding! Ill test those out ASAP. Ill be out of town for a few days, and will be back soon. :)
  5. If you are still having issues with LuckPerms I suggest trying out UltraPermissions. I use this plugin on my bungee network and is MySQL compatible throughout all your servers. The plugin has an amazing GUI interface as well in case you are not familiar with configuration files.
  6. Have you ever tried LuckPerms in the first place? Because if you've tried it you would immediately be biased towards it.
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  7. I've used both, Luckperms is so much better, I use a core now though lol
  8. Ok, i tried what you said, and it messes up my whole chat format. I dont really need 3 ranks to be displayed i guess. Mainly like if a staff member is on, it would say "Admin+ Baron Mattllama_987". But if a player with a donor rank talks, it would say "Emerald Baron Mattllama_987". I tried what you said, and this is what i see in my chat:

    Here is some of my LP files info:

    Code (Text):
          - "highest_on_track_staff"
          - "highest_on_track_donator"
          - "highest_on_track_rankup"
        duplicates: first-only
        start-spacer: ""
        middle-spacer: " "
        end-spacer: ""
          - "highest"
        duplicates: first-only
        start-spacer: ""
        middle-spacer: " "
        end-spacer: ""
    My tracks:

    Im not 100% sure if this is all setup correctly? Im new to LP. I alwaysed used pex for my perms and stuff
  9. Run the command /papi ecloud download LuckPerms.
  10. Ive already done that. I did that command, and the /papi reload command
  11. what's your chat plugin? does it support PlaceholderAPI?
  12. I use DeluxeChat. It does support PlaceholderAPI
  13. try to parse the placeholders you use with /papi parse me %placeholder%
    (don't forget to change the %placeholder% by the actual placeholder =))
    what does it return?
  14. It just says this:
  15. Try %luckperms_prefix_element_highest_on_track_tracknamehere%.
  16. How it says this:

    It should say "Admin+ Outcast Mattllama_987", but its not working

    This is what i have in my prefix setting in the plugin:
    Code (Text):
    prefix: '%luckperms_prefix_element_highest_on_track_staff%%luckperms_prefix_element_highest_on_track_donor%%luckperms_prefix_element_highest_on_track_ranks% '
  17. Double check to make sure the group is in correct track and that you have it.
  18. Ive looked over it all. Everything looks good. Just not sure why its not showing both prefixes. Its also gray. Admin+ should be red. Its like uncoloring the prefix
  19. Can you send the luckperms prefix permission? It may just be a stacking issue.
  20. Im not really sure what you mean? A prefix permission?