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100 different patterns

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    Lucky Block - Lucky Block

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    add 25 patterns!

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  3. Hello, is thery any chance you can include a setting in the config for spawn chance of luckymobs?
    Or maybe chance per mob type?
    I kind of want to scale the chance down since any "bigger" mob farm is just like a "get free luckyblocks in mass", a player on my server got a whole stack of luckyblocks in just ~10 Minutes
  4. Will add it in the next update!
  5. Hey there, I absolutely love this. But the config is empty?

    And the bigpickaxe doesn't respect worldguard (griefprevention). It destroys blocks in claims.

    What does this mean? What NBT?
    "if you put the NBT in the LuckyBlock folder, it will be loaded and included in the pattern when you break a lucky block."
  6. Hello
    I will add support for WorldGuard if I have the technology.

    NBT is a .nbt file that can be created in Structure Block.
    Putting it in the Luckyblock folder will allow custom buildings to be summoned from the Luckyblock.

    I apologize if my English is wrong.
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  7. Hello again,
    As I mentioned, the config is empty for me and I would like to disable luckymobs from spawning. I would like to give the items and blocks as rewards, and not have the mobs spawning. How can I disable that please?

    And there are some of the items I have no idea what they do, such as the Headstick and there's a sword in, I assume Chinese, which I'm also unsure about, etc. The list command doesnt work.
  8. Hello.

    In the next update, you will be able to set the spawn.
    It is now possible to set it from ver. 0.5.

    I have created a description page for the item, but I can't write in English, so I am describing it in Japanese. I apologize for that.

    The list command will only show items added with /lbadd.
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    WorldGuard support & add 25 type

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  10. Thank you for the update with Worldguard and the information. I translated it.

    Just a question that is important please. Is it possible to disable luckymobs?
  11. If nothing is written to EntityData.txt, luckyMob will not spawn.
  12. But theses files are all empty by default. I have reinstalled it 3 times. Its still empty.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  13. The default setting is not to spawn, so that is correct.
  14. Deepl translator

    If you run /lbadd <title>, it will be written to config.yml
    commands.yml is what you write when you want to add a command to the lucky block
    EntityData.txt is the rate at which lucky mobs appear, if nothing is written, no lucky mobs appear.
  15. Thanks, but all these files are empty, and lucky mobs are appearing. But I've installed another plugin for now. Cant really work with a plugin that has no config.