Spigot LuckyBlock 0.1.2

This is a LuckyBlock plugin !

  1. wath is bob enchantement ? sorry for my english im french ;)
  2. It can't work... You have This and I have 4 kb...
  3. home plugin works can you show me the log ? you must use spgot 1.8
    I 'm not sure that it works on another version
  4. I haven't downloaded it but the idea isn't original... (Look my resources) my luckyblock has 12 kb for 70 surprises
  5. you just come here for say that... pff
  6. No I only SAY I think it doesn't work and your idea not is original
  7. looks like a good plugin keep up the good work next add anvil drop
  8. thank :D
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  9. yes good idea