Spigot LuckyDonations 1.3

Let your players know when someone donates!

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    LuckyDonations - Let your players know when someone donates!

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  2. @SladeHazard replying to your review: it is meant to be a command executed by tebex or something, not ran by people. Since Minecraft stores support running multiple commands on donation, you put the load there.
  3. thanks for you reply which I already knew what it was gonna be but lol no it is not meant to be executed by tebex or something as this can be abused my all players get a global multiplier of x2 for 20mins which stacks if the command is executed by tebex commands the players can abuse it by buying the cheapest 0.50$ item again and again getting a x100 multiplier for days LOL and the developer is my friend I'm sure he will add it I already deleted my review
  4. ah cool
  5. Hello, would it be possible to add these things?
    It will be possible to add separate packages for each rank
    Having a system to centralize the message sends
    It will be possible to send a message in the title of the players
  6. I will add.
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  7. Whats your discord id?
  8. Maark#1527