Spigot LuckyOres 1.1

Magic ores that can give some special items or effect

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    HiveMc SkyWars Ores - HiveMC SkyWars Ores

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  2. Hi, the plugin is amazing and it make what it said :). But I'm having a problem with the Healthore, Could you add that when a players die it restart his health to 10 default hearths, because when someone dies, it still remain the healthores changes and that is and advantange/weakness in the next games.
  3. Cool plugin! I would really appreciate the ability to adjust what each ore gave and their chances.
  4. Thanks :) and i Will Add this
  5. I will make video for this
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  6. Thanks
  7. The following error is displayed when the plugin attempts to set a players health to an illegal value below 0 when mining Redstone Ore.