LWC problem

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  1. I've got a little problem with LWC...
    I've used this plugin before, and never had a problem with it, however, it looks like something's wrong now.
    I want default players to only have access to some of the flags provided by the plugin. However, I tried everything, but they still have access to every flag. I want them to be able to use only one flag, autoclose. I tried giving the group the permission lwc.protect, and then negating all the other flag permissions I don't want them to use. And, guess what... Didn't work. I even tried editing the plugin.yml file to set those flag perms to default: false, although I know that shouldn't be a problem because I negated the permissions, but didn't, work. They even have access to the exempt flag, which @Hidendra said (in the wiki) won't be given by default to default players. Am I doing something wrong?
    Here's the permission file (using groupmanager):
    http://pastebin.com/eYEVYPxB (not the whole file, just the default group. also, the first permission node has the '-' misplaced for some reason, I guess it's pastebin's fault)
  2. @dadus33 Can you just stop I don't see him talking its only you.
  3. Wut? Who is 'him'?
  4. Sorry I was not talking in the right post but Like I said this is only for help with configs etc not plugin bugs.
  5. Well, as the forum section description says, this forum is for those who "Have trouble setting up a plugin, or are confused about a specific aspect of it", not just for help with configs as you say.