Spigot LWC Trust 1.0.6

A trust module for the LWC protection plugin

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    LWC Trust - A trust plugin module for LWC

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  2. Hey there! :)

    First i want to thank you for this plugin! Our players are very excited about to finally have a possibility trusting their friends.
    I just want to ask if it possible/planned to add MySQL-Support maybe at some point in the Future, so it can be used across Servers.
    (e.g. in a Bungeecord-Setup)

    Much love for you from Germany! <3
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  3. Glad to hear it's coming in handy, and thank you for your feedback! :love: I did consider adding database support, but I wasn't sure if anyone would want/need it. I wanted to keep this simple for the first release for three reasons: 1) to see how much interest there was, 2) fix any bugs or weird behaviour people find that I didn't find while testing, and 3) figure out what other features people would like. Definitely let me know why database support would be useful to you, and I can think about adding it in a future version.
  4. We got some errors if players trying to open a public protection or modified private protections.
    With modified i mean protections wich other players have access to (/cmodify)
    But i don't know yet what exactly causing it and how to reproduce the issue.
    Here is my full log of one our servers: https://pastebin.com/eqdu9cZk

    Why i need MySQL-Support? Because i can get or modify trustlist-data simply from other points. (Maybe from our Website in future)
    But mainly to have the same trustlist (per player) across multible servers in our Bungeecord-Network..
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  5. OK, so that error definitely falls under my #2 point. I never got that error, but I might have just overlooked something in the code. I'll try to figure out why that might be caused and get a fix up. If you have any more details on how it is caused that may be helpful as well.

    As for the MySQL database, fair enough. I guess what I thought was that generally in a network, there is not more than one survival server (maybe there are other servers like minigames or creative that don't generally need LWC). Perhaps that was just an odd assumption to make. If you have several similar survival servers on your network that players switch between, I can see why database support is justified. :)
  6. Thanks for the fast response :)
    I updated yesterday in the evening, since then we had no errors anymore.

    And yes we have several similar survival-servers because we just splitted up our single server (with focus on survival gameplay and several survival maps) into a bungeecord network to have a more stable game experience while having a dedicated bukkit/spigot server for each freebuild-map (where most of performance is needed)
  7. Glad to hear! The plugin is still new, so if you find any other issues feel free to let me know and I'll check it out. Also thanks for the details about your server, I can see why you are interested in a SQL storage option. No promises, but I will consider adding it. Feel free to reach out to me on Discord (linked on the main plugin page) if you want to chat about it more.
  8. Might be cool to add like a protection group so instead of *all* lwc protections you can define a set of protections that you want someone to be trusted with.
  9. LWC already lets you define a set of protections with a group. This plugin is just for people who want to have the ability to grant or take away access to all of their protections easily, all at once. It bypasses the usual convention of selecting individual protections.
  10. I mean a group of say chests, not a permission group like mods...I know it can do a permission groups per protection but I don't believe you can define say a chest room as something you can grant permission with one command -- this is what I was suggesting.

    You are already granting permission on ALL protections, I'm saying allow people to define a "chest room" set of protections to trust.
  11. Oh ok so you mean a region protection. I believe LWC has that already as well but I haven't used it extensively.
  12. No I mean specifically if I define 20 chests in a room as "chest room" then I do /trust and it adds that person to every protection listed as "chest room"
  13. Yeah this plugin isn't made to handle anything like that, sorry. I suggest setting a group or region protection if you want to do that sort of thing. If both are too much work, cmodify + cpersist is still a simple and powerful option for something like a chest room.
  14. Can we still use this on 1.16.1? did someone have time yet to test this ?
  15. According to Len on Discord it works fine. I don't believe there is anything that required updating. This plugin is a simple hook into LWC.
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  16. Updated the main page to include 1.16
  17. Excellent to hear, that saves me time to test, and I can focus on other plugins first and try this one last minute. Thank you for the swift reply