M-CPanel - A Minecraft server administrative panel (new design, read the thread!)

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  1. I can see it so it's not broken.
  2. It just fixed it's self there. It was puush's services. :p
  3. See the updated image, it failed to read 134217728 bytes which is 128MB. This is because of a setting in PHP nevertheless I found a way to bypass this, time to fix it. Why would you have a 128MB log anyway? o_O
  4. 12 year olds adding 50 2 year old outdated plugins on a 512mb server might.
  5. This is actually true, but in the event that people simultaneously loads 10GB logs with the bypass, trust me the CPU will be under some great stress. Having the limit would be on the safer side. Especially because someone can edit the log file and make it HUGE and crash the server eventually. Having the limit will still allow you to set the memory usage in the PHP config. Additionally I will probably make an error like "The log file is too large for MCP to handle, please contact your host or manually read it VIA FTP."
    I can however implement the bypass if it's a demand....
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  6. Bypass working(takes a while to load on the page):
  7. I came up with an idea to fix this, in the panel settings you can set the amount of memory to allocate to the servers.php page, I would recommend 256MB but that's only if your going to allow LARGE log files on your panel, if you wouldn't allow large log files, the number can be easily lowered.
  8. Sheduled tasks would be awesome
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  9. This will be added in the near future!

    This is a image of the connected players tab:
    If you click on the player image or name, it will take you to a player manager where you can run commands at the click of a button for the selected player.

    Additionally, I added custom languages. Now you can fully customise the language of the panel to fit your needs, excluding the console log of course.
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  10. The language selector now works: (I used Spanish for the demo)

    I'm getting a feeling that the language selector is placed awkwardly, does anyone else feels this way?
  11. It just doesn't fit.. lol
  12. To be honest, it is starting to...
  13. Yeah, I already moved it into the settings page xD.
  14. Can you maybe make it show their IP and how long they've been signed in for and their coordinates? (I know this may require a plugin).
  15. This should be possible with a plugin yes, I will look into this.

    I've added templates! Now you can edit EVERY HTML aspect, except the link-back of course ;), however the link-back can be removed for a small fee.
    Here is a image of what the template folder will look like. Below the template name is 'default'.
    Yeah, that's right, you can make MCP look like your own panel. No worries that someone will have the same panel design like yours! The only issue is, it's some what hard to create your own template, unless you master the variables. When I write the documentation I will list all the variables there.
    Also, the panel will come with another template named "Liam" in favour of @TWSSYesterday .
    It will be the original(old) look of M-cPanel.
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  16. Why thank you
  17. CraftSRV doesn't use font awesome (as you mentioned) - the icons don't look the same. As for the resemblance between the two products - the flow in which the user would navigate through the panel closely matches that of CraftSRV's user flow (which I guess is "unique" in comparison to products like Multicraft and McMyAdmin which have different user flows). This is without going in to details about how you've chosen to name your licenses "Master" and "Slave". Again, not accusing you of copying, but it does just all fit in to place too nicely. There's nothing wrong with inspiration. But then denying that you did at least base part of it off that inspiration tends to make people annoyed (just putting it out there). Also, the fact your initial design was so very like CraftSRV doesn't really help the matter. However, you have now changed that.

    This is just a hack. It's not a fix. A fix would be to pull the server log correctly.

    In regards to the design, that some people seem to be picking on, it certainly does need work. Your logo doesn't look professional at all and would not stand up in say a board meeting or a product pitch. It doesn't help that your avatar is just the logo squished up in to a box. It makes use of too bright colours that clash a lot. You should make use of a colour wheel (http://www.designingfortheweb.co.uk/images/colour_wheel.png) to pick colours.

    In regards to the "cPanel" trademark: Again, I'm no professional and I'm not entirely sure how everything works; but from my point of view it does look like your name/logo contains their registered trade mark. Basically just because it's stylized "cPanel" and not say "cpanel" or "CPANEL". It's something you really need to get in good contact with cPanel Inc. about if you want to continue to use that name.

    One final note - your password hash "81fe479ed4c5fd0cf492b406ebac3d46d7567fa1153eb6e68969e2fc0e0e700e36d09b70" looks very insecure. It doesn't make use of mechanisms such as salts, etc. It looks like a straight hashing algorithm (say sha256(md5(sha1(mypassword))) or whatever).

    I'm interested to see how remote servers will work.

    Just my bit of constructive criticism to you :)
    Wish you luck.

    EDIT: Your demo no longer works.
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  18. I clearly pointed out that they do not use font awesome in my edit, so I do not know why you are bringing that up. The flow of CraftSRV and MCP are closely alike, so is Spacebukkit right? I chose to name my licenses Master and slave because I simply can, I did not copy it from CraftSRV, SolusVM also have Master and Slave licenses.
    They copied CraftSRV too? I guess no, SolusVM was here first ;). "But then denying that you did at least base part of it off that inspiration tends to make people annoyed (just putting it out there)." You are accusing me of copying CraftSRV by saying this.

    Also, I don't understand how you can say the first design of MCP looked like CraftSRV in anyway... you must be out of your mind. Here is an image of the first design:

    And to point out something, people are saying that the new design looks like CraftSRV.

    This is sort of a fix, if you really know about PHP, you would know that you can also set this in the php.ini file. All the line of code does is set it for the servers.php page, however I used another way to get large console logs.

    I understand that my logo isn't really appealing, I believe somewhere in the thread I stated that I will create a new logo.

    I have changed the product name to M-CPanel. This should clear up issues about the cPanel trademark.

    I will no longer talk about my ways of hashing passwords, since that's the worst thing to do especially on forums. But I must let you know that I already changed this.
  19. I like it. ALOT.
  20. Just to let you guys know, M-CPanel is not dead. I am creating my own framework to use for M-CPanel and future projects. Also I am recoding the panel from top to bottom, fixing security bugs and other minor issues. I will keep you guys updated!
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