M-CPanel - A Minecraft server administrative panel (new design, read the thread!)

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  1. I have to suggest you not do this or re brand under a different name.

    From what I've heard M-Cpanel got sued over the name by cPanel but I could be incorrect as this is not verified.
  2. I don't believe they can sue over something like that unless the own the trademark for M-CPanel.
  3. The dash implies that it's an addon of sorts I guess, probably worth reading into :p
  4. Me being 12 I don't know so much about law. I am just throwing out my two cents.
  5. It seems like they own cPanel not CPanel, so the dash would imply that it's part of, just looked that over :p So if it's M-cPanel it's bad, if it's MCPanel, it's good; weird trademarking xD
  6. No need to worry about cPanel guys, I already have a new original name and domain for the panel . The name will no longer be M-CPanel. :)
  7. But this is M-CPanel which makes it exempt because trademarks are weird
  8. Good, spoilers? Tell us the name :p
  9. I will keep it secret until the new update with the framework, security fixes, recode, redesign etc.
    Stay excited. <3
  10. Skype it? :p
  11. Nope :), I really don't want anyone to know until I release it with the new website, logos etc. Probably by Thursday I'll let you guys know. :p
  12. :'(
  13. Is this still alive?
  14. I killed it
  15. Yes it is.
  16. darn it respawned...
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  17. Is this dead?
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  18. EliteDuck


    Perhaps plugins for the actual panel software (not the server running on it)?
  19. Whut?
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