Premium Machines - automated drills, turrets, conveyer belts, and more! [Paid]

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    Machines - craftable drills, turrets, and more! - Adds useful machines to your server that your players will love!

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  2. I habe some questions before buying this:
    Do machines use Blockplaceevent?
    Do they do it in the Name oft the player who placed the block?

    For griefprevention: Will it work in my private claim when i place it but not in other claims? Does it respect Worldguard Regions?
  3. And does it have an Option to limit the Range of Drills and Pavers? (Maybe per World)
    Otherwise Player would just drill a horizontal hole all over the world.

    There is really a need for this option on bigger Servers (50+ Players)
  4. This Plugin is very nice and very usefull
  5. The machines do not use block placement out of necessity but they do check that the player would be able to place the block at that location.

    For grief protection, this means that drills and pavers will respect world gaurd regions (and any other claims by other plugins).

    Hope that helps!
  6. Not yet but I can add that option! Good suggestion!
  7. Thanks! I'm glad you like it!
  8. Thanks!
  9. I have a question, I installed the plugin after purchasing it, and I cannot seem to add fuel, I can craft the drill perfectly, but when I place it, it acts as a normal piston.
  10. Are there any error messages in the console?
  11. None directly relevant to the block place event, it registers that a block has been place, so the event is working, it's just it acts completely as a normal piston, there are a few Null Pointers here and there, but I think they're caused by my attempts to type /machines give, which resulted in an internal error message in game.

    Here's my logs:
  12. Have you tried creating a test server with just the machines plugin and then add in groups of other plugins to pinpoint if another plugin is causing an issue with Machines?
  13. Yes, I have, I set aside a test server, without Essentials, then added Essentials, and it still seems to be the same issue whether if theres no plugins or all of them I have now. NOTE: I am on Spigot 1.8.8
  14. I will test on a 1.8.8 server and get back to you but I wouldn't think that would make a difference. When you say "without essentials" do you mean Machines was the only plugin on the server?
  15. If you need to contact me I respond quicker on my Skype - EvanRich481.
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  16. Bit of an odd bug. When this plugin is enabled on 1.9, I cannot place boats by hand. Rather strange. If I could get some assistance with this that'd be great.
  17. Interesting. I can try to recreate this. Does it happen when Machines is the only plugin on the server?
  18. Yep went through every plugin disabling and attempting to place boats till I isolated which plugin was causing it and it's 100% involving this plugin. I'll do clean 1.9 test for comparison later today.