Premium Machines - automated drills, turrets, conveyer belts, and more! [Paid]

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  1. hey man.
    did you know ur plugin uses Deprecated method which is not cached the result is this massive error in console:
    and before u ask my friend and i work together but his english is terrible. so i help him here.
    The plugin is his but im the only one who can speak english :)
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  2. Where is the make of the drill??? i do not see any making off it
  3. For some reason the images are not showing up. The default crafting is in the drillConfig.yml file though.
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  4. can you shoot a picture for me and pm me please.
  5. If you purchased the plugin you should already have the file. Just open the machines folder in the plugins directory.
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  6. @SnowGears Hey dude Any word on 1.13.1 releasing any time soon sir?

    P.S. In 1.13+ please make the conveyor belt use "Blue Ice" as the Requirement OR Pink Glazed Terracotta since those both require a decent amount of time to get. The blue Ice could be a upgraded conveyor belt line and the pink glazed terracotta

    Pink glazed terracotta has Arrows should that could choose the direction of the line is going and blue ice could be just faster but sometimes to switch direction the structure could maybe user pink glazed terracotta or just do the old fashion have a diff conveyor belt at the end switch the items directions :D

    Also keep up the good work sir! :D
  7. Thanks for the suggestions! I should have an update ready after the time a stable 1.13 spigot build is released.
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  8. Wait 1.13.1 doesnt have a stable release yet? This is news to me and i am happy i know this now also thanks so much for the fast reply!!
  9. Nope. They are all still development builds. Not stable release builds.
  10. The Crafting Recipe images on the front page don't load... Could you possibly update the links to the images so it works again? :)
  11. does anyone used this plugin on 1.12 ?
    and does anyone used with at least 20 online player ?
  12. Any news sir on this coming back?
  13. When is update for 1.13 ready?
  14. This resource has been removed and is no longer available for download.
  15. SnowGears updated Machines - automated drills, turrets, conveyer belts, and more! with a new update entry:

    Update to Minecraft 1.16+

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  16. Feel free to drop into the discord for any discussion on my plugins as well or if you just want to stop in and say hello!
  17. Any way to set the max range on the machines? Like make the paver only go max 20 blocks for example. Also how does it react to claimed land with factions for example?
  18. SnowGears updated Machines - automated drills, turrets, conveyer belts, and more! with a new update entry:

    Allow support for 1.13+, fix offhand items not working, and fix drill sounds

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