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    Machis Emotes [ECONOMY SUPPORT] [FREE] [SK] - We are back! And much stronger!!!

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  2. Great job so far!! More emotes please!
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  3. Works flawlessly, thank you!
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  4. Amazing honey
  5. Thanks all <3
  6. Thanks!
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  7. So much better than paying for it!
  8. For sure
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  9. Where do you find skript 1.9? I can't find it anywhere?
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  10. I seem to have run into an error @MachisCZ

  11. There is also an alias file in a folder in the zip, place that in the main Skript folder(not the 'skripts') that should fix that issue
  12. i \t doesn't work it says : 2016-06-16_07.45.56.png
  13. All addons required go in *serverroot*\plugins\
    Alias.sk file goes in *serverroot*\plugins\Skript\
    Machis emote.sk file goes in *serverroot*\plugins\Skript\scripts\
  14. + you used command /sk reload Machis_Emotest but you have to use /sk reload Machis Emotes