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Be a God or Goddess with the magical Dash Wand!

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    Magic Wand - Be a God or Goddess with the magical Dash Wand!

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  2. Hello Dasha!
    I tested your wonderful plugin on my server.I have questions.
    1. Can you make the plug-in consider the city of Towny?
    2. Neutral monsters do not attack the player when damaged.
    Good luck with everything!
    Sorry for my English it's not good.
  3. Hey there, thank you for your suggestion, what exactly do you mean with the "City" and "Towny" part? And also, the mobs their mechanics should not be affected by my plugin, so this makes me think this issue has to do with something on your side. Regardless, thank you. -Dashie
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  4. Hello Dasha! =)
    Thank you for your attention! I hope I don't take a lot of time for you))
    I create an RPG based on mc 1.15.2. Your plugin is right for me to create a race of magicians. It is convenient in that it does not load the server and is very efficient.
    The Towny plugin is the basis for the protection of territories on my server.
    I mean the Towny plugin https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/towny-advanced.72694/
    I tested some magic plugins and everyone had 1 or 2 flaws.
    Plug-ins ignore the privaty system.
    Interaction with monsters looks as if the attack on the monster does not come from the player, but from the server. AI monster selector cannot find the target.
    I use mechanics to create monsters MythicMobs https://www.mythicmobs.net/manual/doku.php
    It's good to meet you! Thank you!
  5. Hey there. I am glad to hear that you are trying to build up something. I love the idea but on the downside though, my plugin has no built in support for the MythicMobs nor any other plugin that interferes with the mechanics of the server itself.

    I do not know if I am willing to add in the support as of now because I am quite busy. I am sorry.

    Kind regards,
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  6. Hello Dasha!
    Thanks for the quick response.
    I understand that you are busy and should not support the plugin I just gave a description of the possible extension.
    I'm going to try to solve this problem myself.
    In any case, thank you very much for the excellent plugin and for your answers! :)
  7. No problem, thank you for your kind ways!
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  8. @MasterRip Which part of MagicWands doesn't work well in Towny areas?
  9. Hello!
    Everything works. It is necessary that would not work)))
  10. You mean, there are combat wands that shouldn't be affecting non-pvp areas in Towny or something?
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  11. I believe that this issue lays with the Towny if he means the destruction some of the wands may cause, perhaps wither skulls or direct explosions. Other than that do I not know what could be interfering with your Towny plugin.

    For as far as I am concerned the plugin should function just fine on servers that use World Guard.

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  12. Thank you for the answer!
    Yes you are right. We need to disable PvP. Standard flags don't work.
  13. Thanks for the answer!
    The plugin does not destroy blocks. The plugin ignores disabling PvP =)
  14. @KvinneKraft if you'd like help/guidance on adding support using Towny's CombatUtil the fix he's asking for is quite a simple one, just let me know.
  15. I would love to but my I am kind of occupied with my schedule.
  16. Ah, and you did enable the destruction of blocks in the configuration file? If so then it has to do with the world protection mechanism of Towny.