Magic Wands, good idea?

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Would you like a plugin like this?

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  1. Yes, this could be fun

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  2. Perhaps, if some more feature(s) are included

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  3. No, not my cup of tea

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  1. Explanation of the plugin
    Perotin and I are working on a plugin where spells can be cast with wands (custom sticks). This plugin will be highly customizable for server owners, and will also serve as an API so people with programming knowledge can create their own spells. With the current code it can easily be possible to summon any entity (mobs, itemstacks,..), transform any block (except air) into any other block, rain any itemstack in any open area and cast an explosion that doesn't damage blocks. However, there are many more possibilities. Players will be able to buy wands (ex: a utility wand) with ingame money. Then, they can unlock spells for each wand individually (ex: spawn a crafting table, spawn a pickaxe,...). This means spells will be wand-bound but players have to unlock spells individually, they will also be able to hold multiple wands (ex: a combat wand and a utility wand).

    Is this something server owners would like? If so, what features do you guys think, should be included?

    I thought about these topics for example:
    • Casting a spell can cost something (experience/item/currency) Buying a spell costs money, casting a spell costs mana
    • Customizable (in config file) spells: choose name, description, handler (bold text in the alinea above) with parameter(entity, type of block, itemstack, etc. to be used in the spell). Will be implemented
    • More spell handlers: any suggestion is welcome!
    • Multiple wands where each wand has its own list of spells so players don't have to cycle through every possible spell: Will be implemented
    • Permissions for every spell individually/spells in general: Not discussed yet
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  2. you may just get away posting this in Spigot Discussion but im not sure. Sounds like a good idea, I know there's been alot of spell plugins ive heard of. My question is how will it implement into survival servers :3 ??
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  3. This can be nice for a specific sort of server (Kingdom servers in particular) but instead of paying money/items to use a spell you could also make it so that they need some sort of build in points that regenerate slowly. And the better the spell the more it costs.
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  4. @KnaxelBaby You're right, I didn't really know where to post this but Spigot Discussion definitely would have been better. There are indeed quite a few magic wand plugins but they're mainly fixed spells. I want mine to be fully customizable, which is possible to implement in its current state. As for survival servers, I don't know if magic wands is something they would even like. But it's possible to create spells that would fit a survival server like a light spell that places a torch on a block you're looking at, a spell that spawns a crafting table/furnace. Those choices would be up to the server owner.

    @Daanisaanwezig That's a really good suggestion, thank you. I will definitely add your suggestion to the plugin!
  5. I think server owner just want these two things

    1. Customizeable GUI
    2. Customizeable Message

    I'll def buy your plugin when it released
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  6. A GUI won't be included (but may be added in the future if it's something people want). Most messages are already customizable in the current build but I'll look into making everything customizable. Glad to hear you'll download it, I will tell you as soon as it's available!
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  7. Yeah, that plugin is used on the biggest HP server (Potterworld). I personally think its spell management could be better, as you have to scroll through spells in order to cast the right one which can be a process if you have a lot.

    A suggestion to OP is to create an API for other developers to make their own spells. Also open-source so others can help. Best of luck.
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  8. @EODSteven Indeed. That plugin is amazing and high quality, I'll try to make my plugin different somehow.
    @Perotin Woah I went to take a look at their server, it was truly amazing. I think I might start to play on it every now and then (even though I don't play Minecraft anymore lol).
    As for the API, I'll definitely look into that. The project can already be found here, it would be a first for me to work together with random online people. Thank you for your suggestions!
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  9. Yeah, I played on the server for a bit myself as I am a HP fan. My issue with it is that they completely revamped their system so that classes don't help as much with graduating to the next year and a lot of the mechanics are just funky. They hit the nail on the head with sticking to the story though, it is a great server but only for a few hours of a time imo.

    As for open-sourcing, I'll probably end up cloning right now to get a look at how you're doing things and then help out. I like magic :)
  10. I agree, they really did a great job though.

    Cool! Me too haha.
  11. Just wanted to bump this and say that @vallas and I have been working on this for a bit, you can read how it will work here. If you want to help out with the project and be a core contributor, you are more than welcome to PM either me or vallas!
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  12. No kidding, an idea already existing almost never stopped anyone :b Certain ideas will be recreated differently as the developer sees fit. Not to mention, Skript isn't generally the most efficient way to go.
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