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Add fully customizable magic wands, items, spells, mobs and more to your server!

  1. okay i got this to go along with Heros and this new spell set i bout and im just lost on how to add them all to this plugin and your wiki to really hard to understand at lest for me it is can you guys make some videos on how to do the stuff please
    and here is what im lost on adding
  2. That's more of a Heroes question, especially since they're the guys getting the money...

    But basically you just drop them all in. Drop the Magic.jar into your plugins folder, drop the heroes skills into Heroes/skills. That should be it.
  3. Good afternoon, I would like to know if you have any permissions that prohibit players from buying magic by right-clicking ... I have already tried in several ways and I can not leave them locked. The point is that players can only put spells on their wands when they buy from the store, I do not want the spell table to be used. If you have another alternative, I'm grateful. Thank you very much.
  4. @NathanWolf
    Are there any plans, or could you be convinced, to integrate this plugin with mcMMO?
  5. Code (Text):
    sp_enabled: false
    enchant_block: ""
    in config.yml will disable the SP system and ability to bring up the spell shop via the enchant table.

    Definitely not.
  6. I want to make a custom texture with unbreakable golden_shovel:4. How can I display it with ArmorStandProjectile class. I know all icons are textured Unbreakable item. But how can I edit parameters to display an Unbreakable item with ArmorStandProjectile.

    This is my spell parameters.
    velocity: 0
    location_offset: 0,2,0
    armor_stand_invisible: true
    armor_stand_marker: true
    orient_head: true
    helmet_item: golden_shovel:4
    attach_duration: 2900
    gravity: 0
  7. You can add an "unbreakable_items: true" parameter to make all of the items worn by the armor stand unbreakable.
  8. thanks, but I got other questions
    How can I target a single block only? I have tried Disc, Sphere and Volume. It won't work if I set the radius to 0 or 0.1 (even 0.9. I think it regards it as 0.) It must at least to be 1. But it'll mess up by target multiple blocks at once.
    And, two block high entities like zombies and creepers have two place to target - head and feet. it'll offset my armor stand location by two kinds of height. How can I integrate them as one?

    Here is my settings
    - class: Volume
    x_size: 1
    y_size: 1
    z_size: 1
    - class: ChangeContext
    source_location: block
    source_offset: 0,0,0
    source_at_target: true
    source_direction: 0,1,0
    - class: ArmorStandProjectile
    helmet_item: golden_shovel:11
    lifetime: 900
    velocity: 0
    location_offset: 0,-0.4,0
    - class: ArmorStandProjectile
    helmet_item: golden_shovel:10
    lifetime: 600
    velocity: 2
    location_offset: 0,-1.5,0
    - class: AreaOfEffect
    radius: 1.5
    target_count: 5
    - class: Damage
    knockback_resistance: 1
    damage_source_location: feet
    - class: ArmorStandProjectile
    helmet_item: golden_shovel:10
    lifetime: 2000
    velocity: 0
    location_offset: 0,-0.5,0
    armor_stand_invisible: true
    armor_stand_marker: true
    unbreakable_items: true
    gravity: 0
    cooldown: 0
    range: 30
    target_type: LivingEntity
    target: other
    allow_max_range: false
  9. good afternoon ... thank you very much for the last help, I put it as it was sent to the config and it made sure the lock of the table. Now I have a question ... is there a way to give an item by command_block? This item is already saved in / mgive and I can give it to the player by normal command, but by command_block I can not. Thank you very much in advance.
  10. So I have to admit this spell is a little confusing to me... can you maybe tell me what you're trying to do? Disc, Sphere, Volume, etc are generally used to modify blocks, but it doesn't look like that's what you're doing here? If you want to just target a block to spawn an armor stand you don't need any of those actions. You also probably don't need ArmorStandProjectile. Anyway if you want to tell me what you're trying to do I can try to help :)

    Sure, just use like "mgive <playername> item" in the command block. I don't think there's any reason why that wouldn't work... ?
  11. [07:06:46] minecraft: mgive <playername> Back <- [HERE]
    [07:07:35] minecraft: mgive @p Back <- [HERE]

    These messages appear in the command output above command_block, but nothing happens. I think I have something blocking, but I've checked everything practically and found nothing.
    If you could help me, I would be very grateful.
    It's been a long time since I moved with the command_block so I think I should have something that I'm outdated. I tried to use @p but it did not work as well.
  12. I want to spawn a armor stand with custom texture at the target block. I'm now know that I don't need Sphere, Disc etc... But how can I modify armor stand without using ArmorStandProjectile. Should I use SpawnEntity? Then what parameters should I use to set its nbt tag. thanks
  13. Hm yeah I tried this myself and it does not seem to work. Kind of seems like a Spigot bug- are you on 1.13?

    Firstly you should save your custom item with name, like hold it in your wand and use "/mitem save customitem" to give it the name "customitem"- this is assuming you haven't already made it an item in items.yml or saved it.

    Then your spell can look like this:

  14. I am in version 1.13.1 already done with both the command in game and in the config ... in the game it gives the item with the command, but in the command_block does not work. Other items are also not going, like spells and skulls.
  15. Yeah if you look in the command block output it's got a parsing error, that looks like it's from Brigadier directly. It's failing to parse the command, looking for an "amount" where the item name is. This is strange because the plugin doesn't tell mcserver anything about these commands, so it's a little odd for brigadier to be interpreting it.

    Seems like it's probably related to this bug, which is still open:

    https://hub.spigotmc.org/jira/browse/SPIGOT-4193?jql=status = Open AND text ~ "command block"

    So I'm not really sure how to resolve it :(

    Can you use NPCs instead of command blocks for what you're trying to do?
  16. The initial idea was to sell the items in a store without npcs for money. But I decided to put an item that does not drop in the minecraft for sale in the store, that same item I put as a bargain using the shopkeepers plugin, the players exchange this "currency" for spells and items that I selected and created. I found a great alternative for you to include in the plugin what you think? Npcs villagers who exchange magic ... or stores with villagers that can be set up to sell items and spells? That's the tip. Hug!
  17. That's how I have my dev server set up, villager-based NPC stores. If you have Citizens, Magic makes it pretty easy to set these stores up. Shopkeepers should also work directly with Magic items.

  18. NathanWolf updated Magic with a new update entry:

    Fix appearance/buff shops, other fixes

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  19. Good day,
    I seem to be haveing some trouble with the commands to give players wands within the first place and have not done any configuriations to this plugin.
  20. The default setup requires players to craft wands. If you plan on giving them wands instead, an NPC shop probably makes more sense, and you may want to disable crafting.

    If you really need commands for some reason, use "/mgive player wand". This command can be used to give players any magic items defined in wand or item configs, and also works with vanilla items.
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