Spigot Magic 8.3.3

Add fully customizable magic wands, items, spells, mobs and more to your server!

  1. I think I have found the issue here, sorry about that!

    It should be fixed in the latest dev build- I will need to make a release as soon as I can wrap up these changes. Were you able to try that out and see if it fixed the issue for you?

    The problem would arise if you /clear yourself or otherwise remove the wand via some other plugin while it was active.
  2. Could you fix the wand saving problem too? It doesn't work with inventory plugins, alot of servers use inventory plugins so more people would use this plugin if it worked with them.

    I've seen other magic plugins that work between inventories.
  3. I agree- I run a patched Spigot on my server to make plugins like Shopkeepers and StarterKits work with Magic items. If you have JIRA access, please go vote on this issue:


    I have a PR out to address this, which makes custom NBT data on ItemStacks serialize and deserialize properly. It would open up the possibilities for lots of other plugins to use custom item data.

    They probable use lore or something else less hacky than I. Unfortunately for you all, I am stubborn and going to stick to my guns on the use of NBT data, as it does exactly what I want. :)
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    Magic 4.0 - A Whole New Experience!

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    Magic 4.1 - Custom Spell Icons!

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  6. Magic 4.2 will have custom sound effects! (You'll need to use or integrate my resource pack for this to work).

    Between the custom items, spell icons and sound effects, Magic is becoming more like what I've always hoped it would be - an all-new Survival experience.
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    Magic 4.2 - Custom Sounds!

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  8. The /wand manaboost command is suppose to give a bottle and then give the max mana. But we don't get any mana, the bottle does nothing.
  9. Oops, looks like it was broken! Fixed in the latest dev build (#731 and up)

    Sorry about that, I don't really use that item. Even "working" it is a bit wonky- for efficiency, wands only look for upgrade items when you first hold the wand, or pick up an item. So for this item to work, you have to cast a spell, then switch away from your wand, then switch back.

    In short, it's kind of a wonky and useless item. :\
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    Magic Citizens NPCs

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    Minor 1.8.3 Update, Fixes

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  12. Not my cup of tea, but amazing work dude.
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  13. Just tried this on my Dev.Server. Loving this plugin. I was wondering what you and others thought of maybe adding perworld configs like there are in other plugins. I would love not to have another dedicated server Just for this plugin (which means I have to install bungee :(...) Is anyone else interested in this idea? Is it something you'd be willing to look at/attempt?
  14. You can get pretty far with per-world permissions- as in negate "Magic.wand.use" in the worlds you don't want spells in.

    The main issues I've had with this setup involve people trying to use per-world inventories. Generally plugins like MVInventories don't do a good job of saving the wand data.

    Another option for more fine-grained control is to use WGCustomRegion flags- you can specify what spells players may cast in which worlds, or individual WG regions.

    Let me know if there are any permissions missing you can think of .. (like I don't think you can control crafting per-world, for instance..) I'd be happy to add them. But making this plugin really multi-world would involve a good per-world inventory system, and that's currently not in my scope. If you have more specifics on what you're trying to do, maybe we can work something out.

    Thanks for your interest!
  15. I just did some plugin changing and management. (I am on spigot 1.8.3) and after adding mv-inv and doing a proper setup then adding PerworldPlugin plugin it does exactly what I want with no issues! (The perworldplugin add-on also solved a few of my other problems) So far giving a demo to two people they flipped (in a good way) about your plugin. Maybe adding compatability to some of the more popular rpg addons (like skill api, mmco) the enable casting upgrades that way would be awesome. I look forward to seeing what you do in the future if mojang ever releases their api!

    p.s. Any way to remove the enderchest as a wand and make it....say a wood sword, or a wood shovel. something a little less used. lol
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  16. Did Support 1.7.9 spigot? I Rely Love This Plugins But Before I put in Cant Use Error about the entity=-=
  17. Cool, glad you got it set up the way you like!

    But.. er, ender chest? Default wands use the wood hoe or the gold axe (for engineering + architect wands). I also use the gold hoe for admin wands, and gold shovel for broomsticks .. but that should be it. I don't use the ender chest for anything that I know!

    Many spells do level with casting, btw. I had considered integrating with Heroes, mcmmo, etc- but those kinds of plugins tend to have their own "skill" system that has too much overlap to be a good fit.
  18. Magic should be fully backwards compatible with 1.7. Did you report an error somewhere that I missed?
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    Engineering Update

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  20. Hi I would love to use this on my new server. Is there a tutorial on how to set it up right out of the box? I have been on the server to test it and been on the github site but not sure how to set up admin permissions and how to set it up for my players to get started.