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Add fully customizable magic wands, items, spells, mobs and more to your server!

  1. @NathanWolf sounds like u need more motivation to make it work with FactionOne. Sent u $20 for some coffee :). Let me know if u need more motivation :)

  2. I meant that you can do a plugin or something where there is ONLY the stars config
  3. The builtin appearanceshop should be what you're looking for. It's still a little mysterious that you couldn't edit it... I wonder is it possible you have a copy of an old default appearanceshop in your configs somewhere? That would explain both why it looks old and why you can't seem to edit it.

    It's still basically a normal shop, but with a couple of additions:

    Code (Text):
    - item: appearance_beginner
      - path: beginner
    1. Items that players unlock as they rank up simply have a requirement set on them. So once a player reaches that path they're allowed to use that appearance.

    Code (Text):
    - item: appearance_moon
      unlock: moon
      confirm: true
      cost: 2500
    2. Items that players can unlock with money are labelled with an unlock key. This means they are purchasing an unlock, not just a one-time item.

    Otherwise it behaves just like a normal shop.

    That is normal as of 7.0 or so. The "default" configs, with the exception of config.defaults.yml (for .. reasons) are really the effective configs, showing what the server is really running. This was done so you can more easily find issues when the configs have parse errors, using the line numbers in the logs. It was also done because the survival configs are no longer the defaults, just a default example- so the actual defaults are almost entirely empty.

    It's archived... ?? This one?

    That is what you will get if you put "example: stars" in your config.yml.
  4. Can I ask why you are using this one (which is basically dead and unsupported) versus FactionsUUID? Does the latter not support 1.13 (I thought it did)?

    If I were going to pick some new plugins to integrate with, dead ones wouldn't be at the top of my list!
  5. FactionUUID Is only for 1.12. and FactionOne supports 1.13.
  6. I run 1.13.1 server and FactionOne is the only one I found that work with this version.
  7. Never mined I got MassiveCore Factions to work on 1.13.1 with your plugin. They just updated it. Thanks.
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  8. Oh well I'm glad to hear that! I'd actually prefer everyone use that version, the main thing I hate about this situation is other people forking someone's plugin and then distributing it (or selling it!?) as their own. It's such a hassle when the two plugins end up having the same name and namespaces, and I have to figure out which is which. Bah.

    Well thank you for the donation, anyway!
  9. After cleaning some unused code in my spells.yml, deleting my defaults, making some new ones and re-adding my spells.yml and such, the appearanceshop seems to be working as intended :) it got broken a few times, not gonna lie. Just in case, I tested all this in a separate 1.13.2 server with only magic installed.

    Got a question; I'm looking to create now a Hats shop. So I guess I could just create a bunch of wands similar to the diving helmet (because the "wear" spell), add them to a new shop and...I don't know, giving people a separate wand which will be used solely for select and use as a hat? I feel giving another wand could be gamebreaking somehow or maybe I'm not looking at something better/easier, that's why I'm asking lol.

    Thank you very much :)
  10. Boa noite. Já aconteceu algumas vezes esse error... não tenho certeza se é com o magic ou com o citizens, mas tem relação as lojas criadas.
    Por favor, me diz algo se souber identificar. Obrigado.
  11. Hello everyone!
    I just started testing out this plugin, and loving it so far. However, I'm running into some issues with crafting. I feel like I must be missing something.
    First of all, crafting a broomstick only seems to work without placing the wheat on the table. So, the nether star and 2 sticks will make it, but putting the wheat there like the recipe says doesn't work.

    Also, I've tried enabling the diving helmet but I can't seem to get it to work. I set it to enabled through crafting.yml, but it doesn't seem to work. If anybody has any tips I'd really appreciate it. :)

    EDIT: Ok, so I realized that my problem with the diving helmet was just that it had to be White Stained Glass. Though I'm still confused about the broomstick recipe.
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  12. No problem on the donation. Devs need to be supported. On another note one player on my server found an exploit with the magic plugin to dupe items. The glitch is with the wands, if you break a block with the wand ability and place another block and quickly break it, it’ll spawn another of that same block naturally. I have verified this bug as well.
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  13. I think that would all work, yeah. You could probably make the hat selection spell work just like the appearance shop, actually- and attach it to the hat itself. Like swing the hat to change its appearance, right-click to wear it. This can be done using alt-cast actions, so the hat can have two different spells on it- much like how the guns work in the war configs, shoot vs reload.

    That does look to me like a Citizens issue- make sure you've got the latest build of Citizens, I haven't seen this issue myself but I also haven't been watching my dev server very closely.

    There is something weirdly broken with broomstick crafting that I haven't had a chance to look at yet. I'm just about to start a 1.13-only branch of Magic where I think this will be easier to resolve, but I'm still not entirely sure what the problem is. Sorry!

    Hm interesting, thanks I'll check on that! I know I covered a player breaking a temporary block, but I'm not sure I did cover a player placing a block in a temporary hole.
  14. NathanWolf updated Magic with a new update entry:

    Just a few bug fixes

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  15. You're updating your resource very often well done!
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  16. That will happen if something tries to set the count of an itemstack to zero. If you think it's Magic trying to do that, please provide some reproduction steps- there's nothing in those stack traces to help me out or even indicate it's the plugin causing it.
  17. NathanWolf updated Magic with a new update entry:


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  18. How do I withdraw spell points and mana through PAPI?
    Placeholder magic_spell displays the name of the spell

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